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Why Over 90% Of Affiliate Marketers Fail And How To Fix It.

Why Over 90% Of Affiliate Marketers Fail And How To Fix It.

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Why Over 90% Of Affiliate Marketers Fail And How To Fix It.


Over the years, I have often wondered why some affiliate marketer especially the new affiliate marketers failed with their affiliate marketing business and what can they do to fix that.

The reason why most affiliates fail is because of two big problems:

  1. They can’t get visitors to their websites.
  2. They can’t make those visitors buy anything.

99% of the time, it’s either one of the problem or both. Now if you’re in this position, never mind because by the end of this post I’ll show you how to change this and make you a raging success with your affiliate marketing.


Before we look at how to get traffic for your website we need to know why visitors are not coming to your website. Several factors can contribute to the reason why visitors are not Coming to your website and we will be listing out those problems below and perhaps that might just be the problem you’re having :

But here are the problems I see with affiliate sites that can’t get traffic:

PROBLEM #1: Your website doesn’t make sense. There’s no clear purpose for your website, what is it about? I don’t understand what it’s about, so I’m not going to share it.

PROBLEM #2: Your content is unremarkable. Your content lacks that solutions orientation that helps your reader deal with the problem they are facing. It doesn’t excite me, and it’s no better than anything else out there, so I’m not going to share it.

PROBLEM #3: You’re trying to rank for topics/keywords that are just too competitive. There are already loads of website out there that are doing it way better than you, and those guys are already at the top. If I’m looking for an article to share, I’m gonna pick one of those other guys. I’m not going to share yours.

You know what? There’s no real and sane person that will want to link to crappy websites or crappy content.

And guess who’s really good at building crappy websites? Affiliates.  Because we’re not building them out of love. We’re in it for the money.

And as a result it shows.

So that’s the (very simplified) reason why you can’t get traffic. Basically, because your website and content aren’t of very good quality, and also because you’re going after keywords that are too competitive (AND your content isn’t very good.)

But the good news is that it can be fixed, how you may ask? Very simple. If you can make some little adjustments here and there and put in the work to create very good quality content that’s solution oriented they get ready for boatload of traffic.

But I get into how you can do that let’s look at the second reason and the most painful one.

There might be several big reasons why you get visitors to your website but you can’t make a sale and we will be. Looking at those reason below.

ISSUE #1: You’re promoting products that don’t sell:

This is one problem new affiliate always have and that is If you don’t choose the right products to promote, then no matter how great your website is… you’re going to have trouble selling them.

Most times also you might have chosen products that just don’t sell well. Or you might be promoting great products, but you’re promoting them to the wrong people.

Either way, you’re going to have a hard time making money.

ISSUE #2: You’re not funneling people towards a sale: 

You see Just because you get someone to your site, it doesn’t mean they’re automatically going to want to buy something. The best affiliate sites are ones that effectively move their visitors closer to a sale through different kinds of content and subtle psychological tricks.

Professional Marketers like to call this a “funnel”, and that’s really what an affiliate site is — it’s a big funnel. Every page on your website should be leading your visitors towards a sale.

(But that doesn’t just mean slapping a big link or a banner in the middle of the page. Some of the best funnels are ones where your visitor can’t even tell you’re trying to sell them something.)

ISSUE #3: You’re targeting the wrong people: 

I always see these with most Shopify store in some Facebook groups and that is if you’re only attracting the kind of visitors who are never going to buy anything you’re probably not going to make many sales.

I see a lot of affiliates focusing too much on getting traffic, and not paying enough attention to whether that traffic will buy.

You see not all traffic is equal. Some kinds of traffic is much more likely to buy than other kinds. So if you’re focusing on the wrong kind then you’ll get lots of visitors, but still no money.

Now how do I fix these problems you might ask.


There are 4 steps to being a successful affiliate marketer and these are :

  1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRODUCTS AND NICHE TO PROMOTE : This is the first step to being successful in your affiliate marketing business, you MUST learn how to choose the right products to promote because this is what will determine your success as an affiliate. ( read how to find a niche)

2. TARGET THE RIGHT AUDIENCE – PEOPLE WHO WILL BUY WHAT YOU ARE SELLING:  In order to find your targeted audience 2 things are needed:

  • Targeting the right keywords : You can target a high competition keyword as a new marketer and expect to make a sale, you must learn how to find the zero or low competition keyword that has some good traffic to target.
  • Writing good quality content for your audience, content that’s solution oriented to their problems.

3. BUILD A SOLID FUNNEL THAT MOVES PEOPLE TOWARDS A SALE : Say the right thing at the right time to build their interest in a product.

4. (And if you want free traffic) CREATE A WEBSITE THAT PEOPLE WILL WANT TO SHARE:

Build content that gives people what they want, and the job of promoting your website becomes ridiculously easy.

These are the 4 simple ways to get your visitors to buy whatever you are selling to them.


In wealthy affiliate – This is an affiliate marketing platform built by an affiliate marketer for affiliate marketers, we help new and aspiring affiliate marketer that are struggling like this to find their niche and products to promote.

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We also have live classes online where professional affiliate marketers get to share their experiences with new marketers how to get better results with their affiliate marketing business and also live Q/A section you can ask anything that’s troubling you for help from other marketers.


This platform is created with ALL LEVELS OF AFFILIATE MARKETERS IN MIND ( new and struggling, intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers) everyone has something to learn and add value to the community.


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If you have and questions about my post above you can leave them below and I’ll get back to answer them within 24hrs and if you have any comments Please do leave them below.

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