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What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

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What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF AFFILIATE MARKETING?


How Will Affiliate Marketing Change In 2020.

This has always been the concern of a lot of affiliate marketers as we enter this new decade, many are always asking “will affiliate marketing change this 2020″? well, I have a quick answer to that, the affiliate marketing model will always remain the same, now what does that mean? it means that as long as you are doing an EVERGREEN kind of stuff, that is doing the keyword research for SEO and getting organic free traffic,running Paid ads etc.

That is not going to go away because that’s what i call ” AN EVERGREEN TECHNIQUES” and this evergreen simply means taking your time to start something like planting a tree and it grows to produce fruits for you for the long term.

This is what I have been sharing in all my post about researching for a specific keywords through keyword tool and write a blog post about it , do the normal SEO setup and let google and Bing webmaster search find your post and you grow your traffic and earnings from there.

This model is never going to go away though new and shiny objects and things might come in here and there, year in year out, but the basic remains the same and as long you stay with the EVERGREEN MODEL OF AFFILIATE MARKETING, you don’t really need to be concerned about any kind of trend that might come in this 2020.

Just for the records if maybe you don’t know what these evergreen methods are that am talking about, here they are:

Do your keyword research if you have an article or blog to write, and this is one thing that will never go away because as long as human being use and will continue to use the internet, there will always be keyword search either through their desktops, mobile or google voice search.

This will always start with humans behind that keyword search and so it will never go away.

If you don’t know how to carryout a keyword i have a post about keyword research here, so just head over and learn how to do a keyword research using the latest keyword research tool available on the internet for free, this tool is called ” jaaxy keyword research tool“.

Based on the research of the keywords you then write your content and This can come in the form of blog post or an article, a podcast or in form of video. This will not go away in 2020.

Just like the second it could be ranked through YouTube,Google search,Bing search or Yahoo search, all of these will remain the same

You just rinse and repeat the whole process of; Research, Write, Rank and Repeat, that’s all.

These are the Basics of the evergreen model of how affiliate marketing works and this will never change in 2020.

As we get into the new decade, based on my opinion i see these things as a necessity or I should say my prediction for affiliate marketing:

* The need for video will increase:
As you can see right now more and more people are relying on videos for information and this doesn’t mean only YouTube because there are other video websites online and YouTube is just one of them, it could be vimeo etc or embedding videos on my page. So as the need for video is increasing, you have to learn how to sit in front of the camera.

* Videos will be more app driven:
In my opinion, Videos will be more app driven as in the use of mobile to access videos is increasingly becoming popular. Most people think creating videos is rocket science, but no it’s not at all you can create videos using your mobile, or any video screen recorder online some are free while some are paid to create your video.

One most important thing is that you deliver value to your viewer, you don’t really need to have a high production value to produce videos because videos are more of app driven now, more and more people are accessing videos now through their mobile device more than ever instead of larger screen TVs.

You could even start with google slide presentation, you don’t need to have your face on just have an audio behind the slide, that’s it.

Another app driven videos are smart TV, just like you can see from your smart TV remote control now, there are YouTube button, some cable companies are now using YouTube as an actual channel in their lists of channels.

* Video Length Will Need To Be Shorter:
If you watch videos on YouTube most videos there are not up to 10,15 or 20 minutes anymore but its becoming shorter and shorter because of the attention span of the average human person is decreasing, people wants to access the information quicker and faster, everyone wants you to get to the point and if your don`t deliver your message with 5 MINS max, that visitor is gone.

The reason why am saying this is because google in what is happening is if you google something and of course some videos come up along with your search, you will notice that on the video there will be an indication from google for you to jump to 2m.15s for the very information you are looking for that is related to your actual search, so even google has recognize that you need to get to your information as quickly as possible.

Another reason is due to apps like; YouTube,IG Stories and tiktok-which is a new app from mobile, these apps have a time limit as to how long you can record and deliver your message and these are reasons why attention span are greatly decreasing because people are getting their information in short little snippets.

* TikTok will be good for brand building:
In my opinion, i think tiktok will be good for brand building and if you have other reasons what tiktok could be used for, you are welcome to share with us in the comment section.

It’s hard to engage with your audience on tiktok and i think they may start running ads soon though they are building their audience now but just share with me what you think about tiktok in the comment section.

Now let’s talk about how to recognize and stay on top of these trends.


When you want to find out what trends are en vogue, i think “Niche Magazines, Fashion Magazines, Health and Wellness Magazine” etc depending on what niche you are into, I think these magazines are good to discovering what’s trending now.

Niche magazines like these gives ideas of contents you can write about, depending on what niche you are into, you can subscribe to these magazines online monthly and from there get access to contents you can write about on your niche blogs and niche websites.

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

All these niche magazines are good for:


In 2020, never underestimate the power of niche magazines because there’s so much you can get and write from there.



In recognizing what you should be focusing on this 2020,  There are 3 things we will be looking at and these are:




What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

In my opinion, I think the number one thing you should be focusing on in 2020 is standing out among the crowd, what do I mean?

If you think about all your content on your website or blogs, how do you stand out among your competitors?, what are the things you do to make yourself standout? are there things you are doing very differently from my competitors? Is my style of writing captivating, How does my article title looks?

These can also be how you style your website, while your competitors are using 2 columns, you can use a single column layout so as to look different and very simple, that way you look very different from your competitors. Always strive to be simple because simplicity is what will make you stand out and look different.

This is one thing you should focus on in 2020, making sure that you and your website stands out and it means making things really simple and not complex.


What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

In 2020 always think differently about your business online, make a conscious habit to think differently, you remember the expression ” Think Outside The Box”, but am asking “why not go round the box?”

This should be one thing you will do for yourself in 2020,learn to think out the box and not just thinking out of the box but also think around the box, go round the box and do things in a very different way.

There are lots of ways you can think different about your website and your writing. And it’s all about looking around your specific niche, observe what is happening there,how things are being done and see how you can make things different so you can stand out in your niche.

Even in your content ,think about how you can be different, it could be doing more videos while others are writing, it could be doing more audio , just think and look around, there’s something that will make you stand out.


What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

I think this is the most important in this points “being yourself“. If you want to do a video and you are a person with a sense of humor, just be yourself and do your video with all your sense of humor, that will make you stand out and be different.

If you think you have a funny look and funny voice, who cares that’s you, use it and do your thing but just be yourself.

This is one problem a lot of people have that has made them unable to achieve their true potentials and reaching their goal and that is trying to go with the crowd,following the trend and wanting to be like everybody without being themselves,so you know what you should be focusing on this 2020, ” BE YOURSELF” and quit trying to be somebody else.

A lot of people have been asking this question about mobile


What is Mobile First? Google is updating their algorithm to doing what they call ” mobile first database“. you need to understand that google has 2 databases:

* Desktop

* Mobile 

This is how it works, if you search for the same thing on desktop and mobile, chances are you will get 2 little different search results and these could be the meta title and descriptions or app results. so google have announced that they are giving precedence to mobile first database search results.

so this is what i mean focusing on mobile first because google are focusing on people using their tablets or mobile phones to carryout google search on their website and those data are being collected and harnessed so instead of asking ” should you focus on mobile first?” what you should find out is ” what is your google analytics saying?”What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

Your google analytics should be able to tell you where your traffic is coming from and what you should be giving more attention, what are your existing trends?

Now when giving a little preference to “mobile first” you just need to think a little different in terms of how you write your content, bearing in mind that those using mobile device or tablet might be reading your content and so you have to make your content paragraph a little bit small in terms of bite size so that those using mobile to read your content does not have to scroll and scroll before they continue reading a paragraph but you make your paragraphs in such a way it can contain the screen.


These 4 points mentioned above are the things in my opinion that will be changing in 2020 with regards to affiliate marketing and i will suggest you look at them and see what values they will add to your online business this year 2020 so as to increase your revenue stream and deliver more value to your visitor coming to your website for solutions and if you want to learn more about what changes that are coming with regards to affiliate marketing in this new decade and how to get yourself ready and better trained, then I want to invite you to join the wealthy affiliate.

This is a community of affiliate marketers of different levels of experience coming together to learn,train and grow with each other in the affiliate marketing industry through various LIVE CLASSES AND WEBINARS, various training lessons that takes any newbie from learning how to find a niche in any field to having your website getting ranked on google and making your first affiliate sale online.

Now all these are FREE for your to test out for as long as you want before moving to an advanced affiliate marketing training. I don’t want you to take my word for it just go to this link and sign up for FREE- NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. And see if this is the right fit for you. As I said there are lots of training there for you to learn and grow your business both local and online to your expectations.

If you have any additional comments, suggestions with regards to changes coming in affiliate marketing this 2020, please feel free to share them in the comment section below so we can all learn and be prepared to grow in this new decade and if you have questions with regards to joining the wealthy affiliate you can also ask and i will be glad to help as much as I can to get you started with the training


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