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What Is The Best ways To Make Money Online From Home.

What Is The Best ways To Make Money Online From Home

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What Is The Best ways To Make Money Online From HomeWhat Is The Best ways To Make Money Online From Home.


A lot of people ask over and over again “what’s the best way to make money online at home?” and this is a question that someone who lost his job and wants to learn how to make money when you can’t get a job or someone who hates his job because he doesn’t have any free time for himself or his family.

while some are nursing moms and dads who wants to start earning money online but don’t know where to start. Well today I will be giving you 6 different ways you can start generating income online and most of them for FREE.

So without wasting time Let’s get started:

1. Surveys:

Surveys are a great way to start making money online because you don’t require any capital to start. There are different paid surveys online that pays from $1 to $5 per completed survey while some pays upwards of $10, $20 per completed surveys but most times finding these surveys seems to be a problem and so I will be giving some lists of trusted survey, the countries allowed and their payouts and you can choose anyone you’ll like to join.


These are some you can join 100% free and get paid for completing surveys :

These 2 Pay-to-join surveys offer 7 days free trial and they pay from $20 – $50 per completed surveys, you can read through the sales page for detailed information.

2. Freelance on fiverr : 

The next way to make money online in this article is freelancing on fiverr, Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you get to market your services for cash.

Go to and look around get to see how the platform works and what services you can offer. Users can sign up to Fiverr and get things done at an unbeatable starting price of $5! And below are all the services provided in fiverr :

  • Video & Animation – Spokesperson & Testimonials
  • Writing & Translation – Business Copy writing
  • Writing & Translation – Creative Writing
  • Writing & Translation – Translation
  • Programming & Tech – Website Builder & CMS
  • Programming & Tech – E commerce
  • Programming & Tech – Mobile Apps & Web
  • Programming & Tech – Data Analysis & Reports
  • Graphic & Design – 3D & 2D Models
  • Graphic & Design – Web & Mobile Design
  • Music & Audio – Voice Over
  • Writing & Translation – Articles & Blog Posts
  • Writing & Translation – Research & Summaries
  • Video & Animation – Whiteboard
  • Video & Animation – Lyric & Music Videos
  • Video & Animation – Promotional Videos
  • Business – Branding Services
  • Graphic & Design – Illustration
  • Graphic & Design- Presentation Design
  • Programming & Tech – WordPress:

All these and much more are services offered at fiverr and if you know how to do anyone, just sign up as a service seller and put down your gigs.

3. Domain name flipping( Buying and selling of domain names). 

This is a very lucrative business that anyone can start and it’s a very simple method to apply and get started, you don’t require much experience to start buying and selling of domain names.

This is how to start this money making venture:

  1. Register a domain name with this site for $10
  2. Next is to go to or then put it down for sell
  3. Get ready to be contacted by buyers interested in your domain.

Now in registering domain names for selling you’ll need to come up with hot keyword rich niche related domain names. And to find these keywords related phrases you’ll need a research tool to help you uncover low keyword competition that has reasonable monthly search on major search engines to register for sell and the one tool I know to give you such keywords is ” jaaxy research keyword tool” at

What Is The Best ways To Make Money Online From Home

These one tool will help you discover millions of untouched domain names that you can then go to name cheap and register, list on and sell from $50 and above.

Just think about it if you sell 10 domain names per month @ $50 that’s $500 and you spent $100 to register the whole 10 domain names @ $10 , that’s $400 in profit you just made. So this is another way you can make money online without spending much to start.

4. Selling physical products on Amazon,Ebay and Shopify:

A lot of people are into selling physical products on amazon, eBay and Shopify and the majority of those with e-commerce store are into dropshipping ( heard of that) I guess you do.

This is a process where you setup a store on Shopify, go to aliexpress or import products with Orbelo to your store, run a facebook ads then if someone purchase from your store, you then go to your supplier pay for that product and have your supplier ship the product directly to your buyer, then you keep Your profit.

It’s a lucrative business that you can go into, but you can’t start this alone else you’ll need to mentor to coach you and there are various e-commerce mentoring programs online, if you are interested to join, just leave a comment below and I will get back To You in the next 24hrs.


Affiliate marketing is one online business anyone can get into irrespective of your experience. This is one online kind of business that doesn’t require you to fulfill orders or deal with customer service etc. I have a detailed method you can start your own affiliate marketing business and you can check it out here.  Start your affiliate marketing business.

Another cool way to start Your affiliate marketing business is to join this program called ( 12 Minutes affiliate) , This program teaches aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start affiliate marketing how it’s done by building an email list and the program has these products to offer it’s members :

  • 10 Done-for-you Landing pages in 3 different niches
  • 10 bridge pages or thank you page in 3 different niches
  • 80 pre-written emails to upload to your Server autoresponder that will have your affiliate link in them once you join
  • Done-for-you traffic method that you can plug in and play.

Read my complete 12 minutes affiliate review here.

If you want to cut short your learning process in starting your affiliate marketing business then I recommend you check out this program here or read my complete review of the 12 minutes affiliate system here.

6. Wealthy Affiliate network : 

Finally I give you my number 1 make money online method that I used to get to where I am today it’s called ” Wealthy affiliate network ” This system will teach you the A to Z of everything you need to know about generating income online.

Read my wealthy affiliate comprehensive Review here. 

Wealthy affiliate has a recurring income plan that pays you monthly recurring income from those that joins through you the best part is you don’t need to pay anything to join and start earning with wealthy affiliate.

You can join wealthy affiliate training by clicking this link here.

I would love to hear your feedback! Please leave your comment below.

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