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what is the best seo keyword tool

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool – Jaxxy Keyword Review.

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What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool

One question a lot new, intermediate and expert internet marketers always ask ” What’s the best SEO keyword tool” available online because everyone wants to dominate his niche and become the authority.

A lot of keywords research tools are available online from free keywords research tools to Paid keywords research tools,  none has analyzed and given accurate data that a marketer will require to effectively run his PPC campaign or create contents for SEO as “jaaxy keywords research tool “.

Having used this keyword myself I decided to write a review on this keyword research tool based on my findings and what makes it different from every other keyword research tool out there and how it’ll benefit anymore looking for a reliable tool for your keywords research. Below is my thorough review of this tool and having read to this point means you need something that will take your business to the next level, so I present to you my JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL REVIEW 


Price: $0.00 – Starter Account.

$49/monthly – PRO Account

$99/month – ENTERPRISE Account.

Owners: Kyle and Carson ( Owners of ) Overall Rank: 99 out of 100


I am going to give you an insightful, honest, and thorough – JAAXY KEYWORDS RESEARCH TOOL – review and what this keyword research tool can do for you and your business. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced marketer in the internet marketing industry, this is one tool you can not do without because of what it can help You to accomplish in your business online.

But Before I give you my review, I want to give you a birds eye view of what JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL  is all about and what it can for your online business.

JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL is the industry leading keyword research tool that was developed by affiliate marketer FOR affiliate marketers . This is an indispensable tool for any affiliate marketer who desires to make a success of his online business.

No matter the level of success you’ve achieved online, JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL will take your business to a whole new level by giving a much competitive edge of hot, unique keywords that are yet to be discovered.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 : Helps you uncover unique, hot, untouched keywords to use and drive your SEO and PPC campaign.

PRO #2 : Helps you discover millions of niches with no competition yet online.

PRO #3 : Help you see the rankings of your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

PRO #4: Helps you BRAINSTORM by providing you hot zero competitive long-tail keywords to create content for.

PRO #5: helps you find hot domain names you can build sites with for easy and fast rankings in all Major Search Engines.

The Bad:

CON #1 : To many hot, unique, zero competition keywords to discover that you’ll have more than enough titles or topics to create content for.


Just as mentioned above in my introduction, this keywords research tool is for ALL LEVELS OF ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS : beginners, intermediate and seasoned Internet marketers who wants to take their success to a totally new level, This tool is one you can’t do without.


As already said about this tool, this is a tool built by AFFILIATE MARKETERS for AFFILIATE MARKETERS, that means they know what exactly an internet entrepreneur will need to make his marketing effort a huge success.

So below are the different tools that are in this product and what they can do for your business :

  1. KEYWORD SEARCH : As you can see in the image below, we are in the keyword section in the JAAXY keyword research tool dashboard, and I just did a keyword search and various keywords came up and some metrics which I will be explaining to you :

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool

  • Keyword : These are keyword phrases people type in search engines for what they are looking for.
  • AVG : These numbers here are the total number of times such keywords are searched every month.
  • TRAFFIC : this is the metrics showing you the number of traffic you’ll get if your website ranks on first page of google, bing or yahoo
  • QSR(quoted search results) : This metrics here refers to the number of websites competing for that EXACT keyword. This is what every marketer online wants to find out how he can get highly targeted and low competition keywords but unfortunately no keywords tools out there can give you this metrics except JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL.  This is actually where you beat your competition hand down because as you can see in the image below some of those keywords have zero QSR which means you can create content for your SEO using these keywords and rank 1st page on Google almost instantly or you can target those keywords for you PPC campaign and get click for almost pennies on the dollar.  When am doing a keyword search for my contents or campaign I look out for 3 things:

Number 1. How much traffic does the keyword gets?

Number 2. How much competition does the keyword have?

Number 3. Does the keyword makes grammatical sense?

Once I can identify this on any keywords: number of traffic I want the keyword to get and the number of competing websites I want to see and they keywords makes grammatical sense them am Good to go.

  • KQI(keyword quality indicator) : This metrics shows you which keyword is great to create contents with with different colors : Green means the keyword is great, yellow means the keyword is normal and lastly Red means that’s a poor keywords to create content with.
  • SEO : This is a score based traffic and competition metrics that shows you how better the keyword ranks on Google 1st page and the higher the SEO the Better your ranking on Google.
  • DOMAINS: this metric shows the number of domains available for that particular keywords you want to use. And are all in the .com, .org, .net only . With this tool you can start a domain flipping business or if you’re into domain name buying and selling, then this an indispensable person comes in. If you’re looking for a domain for your online business and confused about how to get a domain name that will rank well on Google then you’ll need JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL to get that keyword.
  • RELATED: These are related keywords to your target word as you can see in the image below the related keywords to my target word in the keyword search space.  see image below.
  • BRAINSTORM : These are keyword already saved in the brainstorm section for mentoring work on.

2. ALPHABET SOUP: This tool is a special kind of tool that runs keywords research in all major search engine in alphabetical order as you can see in the image below. With this tool you’ll never lack keywords to create contents for or run PPC campaign.

The challenge online marketers have is coming up with what keywords are being searched online but with ALPHABETICAL SOUP your keywords problem is completely solved.

3. SAVED LISTS: The saved list feature helps you save all your already researched keywords that meet your criteria for easy reference.

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool

4. SEARCH HISTORY : The search History keeps a record of all your search done already, which you can go back to check if there’s the need.

5. SEARCH ANALYSIS : The search analysis gives you complete details of your competitors website: What keywords they used, their current ranking on Google, bing and yahoo, total word count on their website, total number of internal and external links on their website, total number of backlinks to their website, their current Alexa Ranking, and also if the website has Adsense on it or not.

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool

With analysis like this you’ll know exactly what to do to compete or beat your competition on the keyword ranking.

6. AFFILIATE PROGRAM : This feature is a special one that searches hot converting affiliate products from clickbank, commission junction etc as you can see from the image below.

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool

All you need to do is get a niche keyword you want to find products for, select the affiliates network you want to search and click the find keywords, and the tool will run through the network to find out the top converting offers for You to promote.

7.BRAINSTORM : The BRAINSTORM FEATURE helps you save your keyword ideas that you will be working on when you have to time all you do is entertaining the keyword or ideas in the space. Above. And click the “Add to brainstorm queue ” Once you need it just come back here go to the left side of the page and you’ll find all your brainstorm ideas listed there.

8. SITE RANKS :  This feature gives you an in depth details of your website rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool

9. JAAXY AFFILIATE PROGRAM : This section is the JAAXY affiliate program for users who wants to promote JAAXY and earn recurring commissions.

10. JAAXY HELP : JAAXY help has videos and ebooks that guides you how to full utilize the JAAXY keyword research tool.

JAAXY keyword research tool Support

The JAAXY tool support Is second to none as the community is made up. Of affiliate marketers ready to help each other grow in their marketing career.

As for personal support, the owners do support it and you can communicate with them when you upgrade to PRO and ENTERPRISE levels also when you join wealthy affiliate premium membership you have direct access to the creator as a lite JAAXY user.


JAAXY keyword research tool has 3 price levels and does not have any up sell. These are the prices for using the keyword :

  • Starter Account : $0.00
  • Pro Account – $49
  • Enterprise Account – $99

See below the various price level and what you get at each level.

What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool
As a wealthy affiliate premium member, you’ll have unlimited access to the LITE JAAXY keyword research tool to use everything on the research tool plus have unlimited access to all of wealthy affiliate one of a kind trainings.

You can read my wealthy affiliate comprehensive Review here.  Or you can join wealthy affiliate family directly HERE

My Final Opinion of jaaxy keyword research tool.

This is my take and final opinion for this one of a kind keywords research tool.  To any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to take your online business to the next level and achieve greater success – JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL – is one tool you can do without therefore I recommend this tool for anyone who is looking for a keyword research tool to use for your business.


Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: starter account – $0.00 – 30 FREE search

Pro Account     – $49 – unlimited search

Enterprise Account    – $99 – unlimited search.

Overall Scam Rank: 99 out of 100


What Is The Best SEO Keyword Tool





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