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what is a niche and how to choose a Niche

WHAT IS A NICHE – The most Confusing Word To A New Marketer Online.

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WHAT IS A NICHE - The most Confusing Word To A New Marketer Online.



This word has been the most confusing word or phrase to a lot of new entrepreneurs, some have given it different definitions which seems to make it even more confusing but what I intend to do for you today is bringing it in its simplest terms for just anyone to fully grasp What a NICHE is and how to choose a niche.

A niche is simply a group of people looking for something specific. This is what a NICHE means. This is a group of specific people in search of a specific items that may be physical or information about a specific need, problem, solutions, ideas etc.

With this knowledge at your command, you now know what niche to target but you have to be careful because while you think of something as a niche, you may be having a BROAD perspective of the niche while if you dig deeper you’ll find out that there are more targeted niche in the niche you want to go for.

It’s like someone who wants to target Health as a Niche. The truth is that health is a very broad niche to target there are various aspects to health that you need to know and I’ll be giving you details of what targeted niches to target that still has hundreds of thousands of people in each group and before I go on I’d like you to know that there’s no niche that is a wrong niche,you only need to find your audience that’s all and I’ll show you how to find them.


As you know already that a niche is a specific group of specific people looking for a specific thing. We will be looking at these groups of people that a looking for something.

  1. THE HEALTH NICHE : In the health niche there are various niches available here which are the exact people you should target and not the general health niche.
  • Metabolism : there are group of people looking for information about their metabolism, this is a targeted niche that you can provide solutions to your online business.
  • There are women at the age of 30 and 40 who wants to lose weight but don’t know what to do or how to go about it, you can target this group of people with your business online and provide them with tips, recommendation on how to lose weight after 30 or 40 years of age.
  • Weight loss for women with 2 or 3 kids: these are a group of people who want to lose weight and be In shape after giving birth to 2 or 3 kids.
  • There are those who want to burn their belly fat,  this is another group of people looking for solutions and there are always online.
  • Men with hair loss: this a very big niche that a lot of people in need of help with and you can create a Shopify store, hair loss recovery website to provide answer to the problem and recommend products from Amazon for them to buy and use and you earn some commissions.

There’s over 10,000 niches in this large Health niche that you can target.

2 THE MAKE MONEY ONLINE NICHE: In this MMO niche this is another large niche that has sub-niches that you can target also, I’ll just give you a few.

  • Surveys : these are a group of people who are only interested in taking surveys from companies online or offline for a fee, reward etc and most CPA network provides these survey offers and they pay anything from $0.50 – $2.00 or even more per sign-ups, you can create a website targeting these Group of people and recommend some of these offers for them to join for free and then get paid for bringing them in.
  • Email marketing is a niche also that some group of people are losing for how to learn and start using and you can recommend to wealthy affiliate to join for free email marketing.
  • Part-time income for minimum wage earners : this is another niche you can target and show then how to earn an extra side income by showing them offers they can join for free to start learning how to earn and get paid in the process.

3 . BABIES : This is another very broad niche that you can dig a little deeper and uncover various targeted niches also.

  • baby toys: There are a group of parents looking for baby toys right now on amazon, aliexpress or searching google for information on what toy that’s best suited for their 3 months, 6 months or 9 month or even a year, 2 year old baby . And they are ready to buy whatever you recommend to them via amazon
  • Organic products : there are parents looking for organic milk, cereal etc for their kids and you can provide information on these make Recommendation of where they get it and send them there using your affiliate link.

I can go on and on, so you see there’s no shortage of niche, just need to know what the particular group of people wants then get it for them. No you may say what if the niche I want to go in has a high competition keywords what do I do? Good question and I’ll answer you.

When looking for a niche you need to have these 3 things at the back of your mind.

  1. Look for a low competition keywords
  2. How much traffic on average does that keywords gets everything month
  3. The keywords must make grammatical sense

Once you have these 3 things in Place you have no problem entering and niche. Now if am starting a New niche I use these metrics, I look for a low competition keyword that has quantity search rate of less than 50 (that is the number of websites competing for that exact keywords must be less than 50 for me rank is first page of all. Major search engine), next is the average monthly search should be up to 100 and the keyword must make grammatical sense.

I have a keyword research tool that provide me with all the details it’s called ” JAAXY keyword research tool ” with this tool besides you you can discover millions of low to zero competition niches and keyword ,with the exact number of websites using the keyword.

You can check my review on the jaaxy keyword research tool here. 

You see understanding the concept of niche and how to find niches isn’t rocket science but a question of if you know where to look at.

And you can start your free 30 niche keyword research here

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