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Tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer

Tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer

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How do we achieve success generally with our online,offline,local marketing efforts?

How do we get this done? Is success with affiliate marketing hard? yes, but if we keep the process SIMPLE, you stand a better chance of achieving a far more milestone of success with affiliate marketing. As we get into another year, this is one of the things you must take into consideration and make the necessary adjustments with your online business in order to achieve the success you desire, this is more like making your new year resolution about what you will have to start doing and the step by step plan in achieving them.

Affiliate marketing is not supposed to be hard as most of us think or have made it seem but I think keeping it very simple is key to everything and using the K.I.S.S PHILOSOPHY is critical to achieving success online and Having this mindset with your online business is very important to getting where you need to go and achieve your goal online.

This is one thing you need to do for your online business – KEEP THE PROCESS SIMPLE. Look at the big brands online like apple you will observe that they have everything simple from the layout of their website content writing etc, everything simply laid out which explained the reason for their massive success.

Keeping your process simple is in 2 folds:

1. the process of creating your content, making it simple
2. The Layout of your website, making it simple- navigation of everything should be simple.

To achieve success with affiliate marketing there are 4 things we will be looking at:

1. How to achieve success with affiliate marketing?
2. How do you define success? ( An important mindset)
3. Creating a simple process for success.
4. Organizing you Task for a simple Process.



In achieving success with affiliate marketing, there are basic things you must do:

Follow The Training:

As an affiliate marketer, there are training you have been exposed to you must follow them,use them, apply them  until you see results and if you have none to follow then i`ll like to  suggest one for you called ” wealthy Affiliate“.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform build for affiliate/online marketers by affiliate marketers with training on everything about internet marketing, google rankings, keyword research, niche selections, content writing and marketing training etc.

This affiliate marketing platform has over 1,500 training videos covering everything you could ever think of that any internet marketer will ever need and irrespective of what marketing level you are, there is a place for you there in wealthy affiliate.

This All-in-one platform for any level of marketer; newbie,intermediate,advanced, there is a place for you here to learn, train,teach and grow.

Keep The Process Simple:

Keep the process simple, I talked about it before and will talk about this latter but keeping the process of creating your website content simple and keeping the process of your website layout simple will make you stand out from the crowd and make your visitors come back to your website again and again

– Trust the Process:

What do I mean when I say trust the process is this; when we say this is what is working right now about google indexing,ranking, the right way to create content , how to research for keyword etc. follow that process because it works.

Trust the process and know this is what really is working now because they are some things that we have proved over the years and know they work, that is why we say trust the process and if you don’t what process to trust then i will suggest that you join “wealthy affiliate” and get to know what processes is working right now in the internet marketing industry.

– Continue To Learn: 

Continue to learn about everything, not just learning about SEO,CONTENT MARKETING OR CREATION or Email marketing all that stuff but also learn about psychology- Marketing psychology, graphic designs, every other things about your online business and how you can excel with those things. because knowledge is power as you get to know these things they will add to your value and increase your profit earnings.

– Keep writing contents:

keep writing contents, and keep delivering value because online a website with quality contents can make a sale.

– Master SEO:

This is very key to your content creation and marketing success, you need to master SEO and I have a post on that how to master seo titled ” How To Optimize a Website For SEO“. It has an in depth process of mastering SEO to ranking your Pages or website.

Learn the BASICS of SEO- Very important.

– Ask For Help:

Ask for help whenever you need them, never be afraid to ask, you can come here and ask in the comment section below  or you can ask in the wealthy affiliate question section, which is why you need to be inside wealthy affiliate so that you can get help for whatever problem you are facing with your online or offline business.


2. HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS?(An Important Mindset).

One of my live training coaches said ” Success is something achieved over and over again” what do i mean by this? Let’s say a Millionaire is someone who has successfully earned one dollar, million if you are someone who wants to build a 6 figure business, then your focus should not be six figure  but rather be someone who would successfully earn one dollar, one hundred thousand times.

So in defining your success goals:

– Keep Your Success Goals Realistic – that means achieving the millionaire status is not going to be something you may achieve within the first year which leads us to the next point.
– Create Short Success Milestones
– Now these success milestones can be something like;
1. Creating a new blog post
2. An increase in youth traffic
3. More email subscribers
4. A new affiliate sales
5. A new keyword ranking etc. of course rinse and repeat
– Celebrate those milestones 
– when you create a new blog post or achieve anyone of the 5 milestones listed above celebrate them by celebrating yourself make yourself proud and be proud of yourself, come into the wealthy affiliate and announce your success, that is the way to achieve more success with affiliate marketing in 2020.
Recognize your success no matter how small it may look.



Creating a simple process for success is from your starting line to your End result what happened in between.
Starting Line ————————>End Result.

Now this END  RESULTS could be anything like:
* A sale
* A lead
* An optin( if you are building an email list)
* A walk in ( for local stores )
* A Phone Call( like Pay per call CPA Network)
* A click through.

Now the starting Line are the things you did to get your end results and these might be:

* Writing a blog post
* YouTube video
* Social media post on Facebook, Instagram,twitter
* Podcast
* Paid traffic ( PPC)
* Offline Hustle

Now these might be the things you did to achieve your end results but the process in between is what`s very important and which we will be looking at now;

Blog Post To Affiliate Sale; let’s take a blog post to affiliate sale of an affiliate offer for someone that wants to start an online business from home as an example what should i do to get a sale or get a lead using my blog post.


* Find a 100+ average search volume keyword that is relevant to the affiliate offer i want to sell.
* Next is find competing keyword with a less than 100 competing website.
* This same exact keyword i want to blog about must make grammatical sense.
( Using Jaaxy keyword research tool i got all these criteria at once==> see image below).

* Next is to write about the keyword content using my SEO BASICS METHOD and make sure its a single column post.
* Have a strong CALL-TO-ACTION- this should be at the end of the post and you can have one at the middle if there is a need.

I use this method when writing my blog posts to promote an affiliate offer and you can model the same method to create your blog post to promote offers using jaaxy keyword research tool for free.

You can read my jaaxy review here.


what are the things you do to organize your daily life for success? How do you organize your day with a checklist? Do you use app,sticker on your refrigerator, google calendar and if they are working for you then why not use the same method to run your online business?

Now to organize your online tasks for a simple process;

* Get an organizer: It could be a paper organizer,rocketbook,google doc, digital or an app on your phone it could be a project management tool.
* Write down your task SOP: wondering what a SOP is? It means STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES. so you have to write your TASKS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES.


Now this is what I mean;  
* Have a task for keyword research:

If you have a research for a keyword you do the necessary keyword research,
– Less than 100 (QSR) competing websites for exact keyword
– Must be RELEVANT to the niche i want to write about
– Lastly keyword must make grammatical sense.

* Have a task for writing content:
– These includes having the keyword at the intro
– A strong call to action at the bottom
– Have my keyword at the title of my post
– Have my external and internal links in place
– Have the relevant images in the right places.

* Have a task for Posting Content:
This is the process of posting the content into my site
– Selecting the right category
– Make sure there’s no errors
– There`s the H1,H2,H3 tags
– Make sure there’s a Strong call to action at the end that leads to something.

* Have a Task for SEOing Content:
– Have my meta title
– Have my Meta description
– Have my Internal link
– Have my external link
– Have all tags and images
– Have the embedded videos in place.

* Have a task for marketing your content:
Once the content is published then the next thing to do is
– Have my share buttons all across the platforms; Facebook, twitter, pinterest,
– Send out emails to my subscribers lists
– Do a YouTube video
– Share a link to the YouTube discussion

So these are the tasks you need to make sure you have in place to monitor your progress your progress. It’s just like having a checklist to follow to building your affiliate marketing success in 2020.



Having these detailed process makes your life very easy and make achieving success with not just affiliate marketing but you entire business possible because you have a well planned road map set out for yourself in reaching success and this is what we are taught at wealthy affiliate and even more, which is why I want to invite you to join the wealthy affiliate so as to take your online business to a whole new level and you can join for FREE NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.

I trust I have been able to help you see affiliate marketing success in another light and i believe you took something away from here please i will love to hear from you , what you learnt from this post and if you have any questions you can drop them below.

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