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How To Write Email Sequence - Beginners Guide

How To Write Email Sequence -A Beginners Guide

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How To Write Email Sequence - Beginners Guide

How To Write Email Sequence

I remembered the very first time i wanted to started my email marketing business, I never much about email marketing but I wanted to start a sustainable online business that I can have control over and having heard about email marketing as my best option I decided to give it a try but there were several challenges facing me that I needed to over come and these are:

  • How can I setup a one page website ( squeeze page). 
  • How do I write my email sequence to my lists of subscribers if I get them.

These and many more questions stared me in the face that it took me quite a long time to learn all these and knowing you might be facing the same problem (because I have a friend who built an email list of 300 subscribers but don’t know what to tell them) I have decide to see how I can help out at least to give you a basic knowledge of what to know so you build from that knowledge and start your email marketing journey.

I will email using real live examples to show and guide you how I write my email sequence For the offers I promote, these sequence can be 7days, 10 days sequence etc but that’s how I do mine and I get some good results with my email marketing strategy.

So let’s start…

How To Write A Welcome Email To Your Subscribers And subsequent emails.

The first email your subscribers gets right after entering their email in response to the free offer you want to give them, these might be a free e-book, or a 7day free online course about anything either audio or video.

And if you have an offer you want someone to get and you have some giveaways to make in respect to that it’s still the same pattern that we will Be using like I said, I’ll be using a live examples of mails I’ve sent to my list to show you how it’s done.

Here we go.. I started an email list of this particular offer by Anthony Morrison on email marketing Titled : Inbox Inner Circle –  where anyone who Joins the program gets 100 tier 1 fresh subscribers to your Autoresponder account.

The first email I sends out as my welcome email is like this: 


Email 1 –

Subject – Welcome to The Inbox Inner Circle

Body –

Hey [FNAME],

You subscribed to our Inbox Inner Circle Program, If you have still not secured your position-

Simply Click here to Sign Up and get instant access to our System

To your success

The Inbox Inner Circle Team


This is my welcome email to my subscribers on this particular offer, as you can see there’s nothing fancy there, Your welcome email should deliver exactly what you promised on your squeeze/landing page.

For this particular offer I have a 4 days email that I prepared promoting this offer and on the second day I send out this Email below.


Email 2 –

Subject – We only have 20 Spots Left

Body –

Hey [FNAME],

Good Morning ,

This is a reminder – That we are providing fresh subscribers to each of our customers and we only have a total of 10,000 subscriber – that will go to the reaming 20 customers.

If you have not upgraded here is the link “Your Inbox Inner Circle CPA Offer Link”

To Your Success
The Inbox Inner Circle Team.


This is my second email that I send out on this offer: inbox inner circle by Anthony Morrison. In promoting offers like this your emails have to be in congruent with your landing page benefits but now you create a little scarcity in the mind of your subscribers.

you can model this same way to create your own email marketing sequence and later in the post I’ll be giving out for free 30 days of email sequence on the make money online niche that you can edit to your liking and upload to your autoresponder.

The third day email can be something like this one below where I increased the scarcity psychology of my subscribers to like 5 spots remaining so I’ll send out email like this one below:


Email 3 –

Subject – Only 5 Spots Left

Body –

Hey [FNAME],

We only have 5 spots –

Get your Fresh 500 Subscriber TODAY

Here is the link => [Your Inbox Inner Circle Offer Link]

The Inbox Inner Circle Team


Then on my fourth email I may show my list another offer that is related to this particular offer which can be about landing page software builder while I remind them about the first offer just in case some has not joined you.

Now this is how I do my promotion and it maybe different from how someone else does his or her’s, but this is what has worked for me that am sharing with you so that you can have a basic knowledge of what to write to your subscribers to your list.

Now you may ask.. what if someone just subscribed to my page with any direct promotions how do I send them email?

This is how you send out your emails to your list in this format:

  1. Your welcome email goes out immediately the subscribe to your landing page, thanking them for joining your Mailing list and showing them the pink to the free offer you promised them, then you tell them what they will benefit from being on your list and ask them to watch out for Your next email coming tomorrow or in 2 days time.

2. The next email you send out this is where you now explain why they are having the problem they are having and then offer them the solution. You make them become aware of what caused the problem they have and if they know what’s the problem as a result of reading your post online, then here in your email you offer solutions to stopping the problem by pointing them to that solutions. This kind of email is an Educational Email to Your subscribers. Which now leads to the last kind of email which is The Promotional Email – Writing Emails To Sell Your Product.

How To Write An Email To Sell A Product.

When writing an email to sell a product, one mistake I see a lot of marketer do is trying to sell to your subscribers, understand this.

No body wants to be sold one more product, you need to learn the art of selling without selling and how do you do that?

By showing the benefits,the solutions that this product will give to anyone who gets it, and what they stand to gain.

Instead of showing the product to your subscribers and telling them to buy, show them what they will get from this product once they get it.

This is how to write your email sequence and now I promise to give you a 30 day email sequence that you can edit upload to your autoresponder account and send to your email lists.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my post and if you have any questions just leave them below

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  1. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, having an email list is so important because this is where those who are interested in what you are sharing sign up or give their emails where you can further interact with them building a relationship because as some said if you don’t have an email list you will be leaving money on the table. Thanks so much for sharing

    • Yes Justin, you can use they have all the automation tools you’ll need to do successful email marketing.

      Am sorry for late response, I was at a conference through out last week.


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