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How To Start A YouTube Channel And Make Money

How To Start A YouTube Channel And Make Money – Beginners Guide.

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How To Start A YouTube Channel And Make Money

How To Start A YouTube Channel And Make Money

Are you longing to know the amazing secret of making money via YouTube like Lilly Singh? Then you are at the right place as I will be unveiling in this article the guidelines on how to set up a YouTube channel to make money. This article is suitable for both beginners and those with little experience but desire to know more.

You can amass as many millions as you desire just within a year all from using YouTube channel. Although your pattern of set up will go a long way to determine the height of success that you will record. Hence, the importance of this article.

Note that your channel represents your presence on YouTube and the way it is set up will determine your audience’s opinion about you.

Creating a YouTube account gives you access to Google products because your YouTube account is equivalent to your Google account.

How then can I set up a YouTube channel to make money? This I believe should be the question on your mind. Setting up a YouTube channel can be either personal or business. The step by step guide for setting up a personal YouTube channel has little difference with setting up a business YouTube channel.

To set up a successful business YouTube channel here is the step by step guide Using your mobile site or computer,

1.  Startup with the basics

·         Sign up to YouTube, and at the top right of the screen, click on the user icon.
·         Click on the gear icon and access your YouTube account settings.
·         Click ”create a new channel”
·         Select ”use a business name” icon
·         Add a brand name then click “create”

2. Complete the about section

·         Fill in the profile section and channel description.
·         Give a description of your brand which will appear in different places on your channel also having the expectations of viewers in mind.
·         Add links to your social networks and websites that you use.

3.  Launching your brand

On the YouTube channel, there is a large banner that displays the name of the channel which is your cover photo. The large banner is a prime real estate in introducing your brand. Your brand creates the first impression on anyone entering so make sure it’s your focal point.

Also, ensure your cover photo is at 2560*1440 pixels as recommended by YouTube with a maximum size of 4mb

4. Creating your content

Starting a YouTube channel for your business, you require sufficient materials to work with and your video content can be approached in more than one way. Where a complex product is involved, and you have the intention of empowering your customers, using video tutorials will go a long way in helping you to achieve it

Do you want to show off great reviews? Then testimonial will do a great job. There are quite several contents available for your channel to consume hence producing different viewers. Take note that your content caters to your targeted market.

5. Creating your channel trailers

With your channel trailer, you make your audience know who you are and what your business is all about, with this; your audience can know what kind of content to expect later in the future and it’s also a good practice leading to your first video.

6. Uploading your first official video

This is another aspect to watch out for when having the thoughts of how to set up a YouTube channel to make money. Here, you do the editing and filming of your video, knowing that YouTube depends on video uploads. The upload option can be seen at the top right of the screen after logging into your account.

7. Optimizing for search

When trying to upload a video, you will be expected to fill in a title, tags, and description. These components are essential for your video to be discovered easily in a YouTube search. There are a set of parameters on YouTube for you to optimize your video search just like we have SEO for a website.

Fill out these sections properly, using keywords to describe the video as well as your business.

A keyword-rich description and title will have a great and positive impact on giving you access to see what works for your videos.

8.  Consistency

Success requires consistency in any venture just as the case of a YouTube channel. Starting up is important but not as important as being consistent or persistent. It’s only with this that every effort will count and yield awesome results.

9.  Integrating your channel in your social networks and website

Here are ways of showcasing videos on your website.

·         Let your YouTube video be added to the home page on your website, making it one of the first things to be seen by your viewers
·         Where you have a blog, the videos can be embedded in the new blog posts. You can also notify your website subscriber through a newsletter.
·         Add a YouTube playlist to your site directly, using Wix video
·         Share your videos on business networks as this creates more exposure so share it everywhere.

10.  Engaging with your community

You need to engage with your viewers through comments, asking questions and listening to your audience. Where your community is well nurtured, you are likely to get free word of advertising.

11. Investing in YouTube ads

Are you considering moving to the next level? To get your brand further, then YouTube advertisement will go a long way in helping you to achieve it.

Targeting a specific gender, interest, age group and location.  With the right combination of engagement and content, most of the growth you will record will be organic while YouTube ads will be an icing on the cake.

12. Analyze, optimize and repeat.

This is a powerful tool for building your channel as it helps you to have an idea of the categories of people watching your videos giving you good ideas of areas that you need to target helping your videos to perform better in the future.

13. Monetize your channel

Every day, over 4.5 billion videos are watched all around the world and over 500 hours videos are being uploaded within 60 seconds. This gives the knowledge that thinking of how to set up YouTube to make money is a good and perfect decision.

Having studied thoroughly and carried out the guidelines listed above on how to set up YouTube to make money, this final step is where the issue of making money will be well discussed and Here are the things to note.

Becoming a YouTube partner.

Becoming a YouTube partner, grants you access to many streams of income such as merchandise shelf, super chat, premium subscription, and channel membership. Becoming a YouTube partner, you need;

– Not less than 1000 subscribers
– Not less than 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months
– Setting up an Ad sense account.
– Meeting up with the monetization requirements.

This varies slightly from bodies to bodies. We have.

1.  YouTube Premium revenue: Under this, a portion of subscription fee goes to you when your video is watched by a YouTube Premium member.

2.  Ad revenue: You must not be less than 18 years old and your content must meet the guidelines of advertiser-friendly content.

3. Channel membership:  Must have more than 30000 subscribers on your channel and must not be less than 18 years old.

4.  Merchandise Shelf: Must have more than 30000 subscribers on your channel and must not be less than 18 years old.

5.  Super chat payments: Must not be less than 18 years old and it’s dependent on the country you live in.

Abiding with the rules and regulations

How do i to set up a personal YouTube channel?

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Sign in with your Google account details

Step 3:  Go to settings and click on the link just by the side of your profile and create your channel as you will be instructed to do so.

Step 4: After creating your channel, you are expected to start creating and uploading content. Ensure you post interesting content and do so regularly to attract viewers and retain them. For your videos, ensure they are properly tagged with appropriate keywords before posting them.

Step 5: You need people to watch your videos for you to be able to make money via YouTube hence you need to build your audience through social media platforms such as Facebook.

Step 6: Making money via YouTube channel means you will permit YouTube to place adverts on your videos. Inline with Google guidelines,

This is the guide required when considering how to set up a YouTube channel to make money.

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube

Step 2: Select the account icon (this is just at the top right) and click on the studio creator.

Step 3: Select the channel just on the menu on the left.

Step 4: Click Enable under monetization.

Step 7: Meet up with the earning requirements. This is another point to consider when discussing how to set up YouTube to make money.

Step 8: Setting up a Google Ad-sense.

Step 9: Check your analytics to have a good knowledge of how your videos are performing.

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