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How To Promote Clickbank Products For Free On Facebook

How To Promote Clickbank Products For Free On Facebook

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How To Promote Clickbank Products For Free On FacebookHow To Promote Clickbank Products For Free On Facebook

Clickbank is one of the most popular and the world’s largest affiliate network platform. So, if you are in search of an affiliate network that presents a nice and unique range of physical and digital products, a user-friendly system, a good return on investment and a great support system, so, how to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook will give useful insights.

Clickbank was established in 1998. It is an affiliate marketing network that links the product sellers, vendors, product owners, merchants or advertisers with the affiliates (publishers). The Clickbank has grown to be one of the most popular affiliates networks around the world, and it is based in the United States of America.

However, with Clickbank, you have access to a wide range of digital products that can be promoted as an affiliate marketer and earn a good commission.

So, people usually assume that you need to own a website when we are talking about promoting Clickbank products and earning money. On the contrary, the use of free traffic is a great way of how to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook.

Have you ever imagined how to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook, then, after reading this post, you will be able to carry out the tips and earn a great commission

Facebook is usually a good platform to promote Clickbank products for free. This promotion can be done via free and paid traffic. However, for this article “How to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook,” we shall be focusing on the free traffic model (Facebook).

Where do I start?

The first thing you need to do to make money on Clickbank using Facebook is for you to pick a product you would like to promote.

Visit to create a free account. This will take less than a minute to create. After signing up, you can have access to all the products available on the Clickbank affiliate network.

It is also important you familiarize yourself with the Clickbank interface and the workings of the network.

How do I find a product to promote?

Once you can access the database of products, browse through the collection of products and select a unique and good quality product to be promoted on Facebook. You must choose a product you are familiar with or a niche related to that product.

Besides, product gravity is a good option to consider when choosing the product to promote on Clickbank. Gravity simply means that the track record of the product among other affiliates is quite good and commendable.

Therefore, Clickbank gravity is the number of affiliates who earned a commission by promoting a product within the last 12 weeks, a product with a good customer lifetime value.

By lifetime it means products that customers will find relevant and useful over a long period. This leads to recurring sales, which implies that your monthly commission is guaranteed. This can go on for long until the customer stops payment. This in itself is called passive income.

Why choose Clickbank?

It makes available the Affiliate Tool Page. Any business-minded merchant would make available tool page by way of sales support. The following could be easily accessible; email swipe, free reports for your customers, banner ads, etc

There is also a platform to contact the merchant directly. This will help you have a first-hand experience of the products before doing a product review. This helps to make you credible as you would have used the products before writing the reviews.

It will also make you decide whether to go on with the promotion of the product or not. Know for sure that promoting a bad product will put your reputation at stake and your followers will lose faith in your content.

So, there are millions of products on the Clickbank network that can be promoted as an affiliate marketer. But, choosing the right products to promote is most important.

Write Creative Contents On The Products

This is an effective strategy on how to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook. Do thorough research on the product you have chosen to promote, write a creative article about the product. However, the sales page of the product to be promoted is a good source for the content of the article.

It must be noted at this juncture that writing the article is not to push for sales but to generate traffic and interest for your followers or readers to click your link so they can get more information about the product.

These articles play a pivotal role in how to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook. The creativity of the article will entice the readers to click the link on your article which will take them to the product’s sales page.

Some article directories allow you to embed your affiliate link within the text of the article, while others restrict the link to be included at the end of the article. Irrespective of what the conditions are, what you want to achieve is to have the affiliate link in the article and have a call to action (CTA).

On the other hand, several article sites that prevent any affiliate link. Not to worry because you can create a free BlogSpot blog and have your link embedded on it. By so doing, your readers can still be directed to the sales page, without violating the rules.

Affiliate Marketing Campaign On Facebook

As an affiliate marketer, you could leverage the Facebook platform to increase your follower base by making new friends daily (you could set a daily target of 100 people). This in a way is already expanding your business social circle.

Some other proven and tested approach to generate traffic includes; blog comments, article marketing, forum discussion, and YouTube.

The Use Of The Facebook Note To Publish The Articles

Facebook is an easy to use word processing feature available to Facebook users. The note permits full-length posts with tagging, formatting, and pictures. So, the note can be used to publish your article that is too long to post on your wall.

It appears under your profile picture to the left side of your home page. The use of article writing in promoting your Clickbank products cannot be overemphasized. Ensure your articles possess eye-catchy headlines and creatively composed content.

Also, do not overuse the call to action (CTA). Always incorporate a title that relates to the product to be promoted (functionality, name, etc).

Use the correct HTML code in the Facebook note so that your readers’ attention can be captured.

Interestingly, Clickbank has made things a bit easier by incorporating the same feature in its marketplace. Now, every product has a feature of a Facebook ‘like’ icon which when clicked will directly post your hoplink for that particular product to your Facebook page.

However, you need to be logged into Clickbank first for it to work efficiently. Whenever your follower clicks on this hoplink on Facebook, it redirects them to the vendor’s site, and a commission is earned as soon as the product is purchased

Facebook still stands higher as the best platform to promote your Clickbank products for free.

Over the years, it has been discovered that products on a relationship, health, and wealth niches are highly sought-after because people are willing and ready to spend heavily on these products.

Also, you need to build a community of followers and this can be achieved using the Facebook group. This is where creative content will do a lot of magic. Do not get scared even if you are not an expert because there are several online materials to assist you within a short period.

Let us take, for instance, you are promoting a health product and you have also created a Facebook group for it with members there (traffic). The next thing is to research and find out other similar health forums, question and answer sites, etc online who have rich content.

So, you now need to curate the content on these platforms to share with the members (followers) in your group.

Interestingly, Facebook as a platform will help your campaign and advertise your group to others who they know are interested in such topics. You could also go a step further by advertising your group on other related groups. However, courtesy demands that you seek approval of the group admins.

Do you also know that this method can be used to build your email list? This you can do by offering a token to intending members when filling the request form to join the group.

Remember that consistency is key when considering how to promote Clickbank products for free on Facebook. It might initially look as if your efforts are not yielding results, but remain steadfast and never be discouraged, as you will begin to earn good income sooner than expected.


It is entirely possible to make money on Clickbank without a website, and it is a straight forward process that anyone can learn and start using. ClickBank is also not a get rich quick platform, your hardworking and consistency are what will guarantee a good commission for you.

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How To Promote Clickbank Products For Free On Facebook

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