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How To Learn Copywriting For Free - 4 Steps

How To Learn Copywriting For Free – 4 Steps

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How To Learn Copywriting For Free - 4 Steps

How To Learn Copy writing For Free.

One challenge a lot of new marketers face online is “copywriting” and unfortunately this is one skill that if you must succeed in your online business you must learn and master because that’s what internet marketing is all about – being able to write a copy that will get the sales.

Today I’ll be sharing with you how I learnt copy writing in 10 minutes, you heard me right 10 minutes and it’s my hope that this will help set you on course to honing your copy writing skill and become better at it because to be a writer you must be writing constantly and consistently.

This post is not going to be a long one but everything will be straight to The point and simple for you to catch but before I show you the steps I want you settle in your mind that ” copy writing is not difficult at all ” in fact I learnt copy writing after watching someone talked about how to persuade someone to buy something from you and I discovered this (4) four simple steps that anyone can apply and become a copywriter.

These are the 4 simple steps to becoming a better copywriter :

STEP 1 : Introduction 

STEP 2 : Challenges / Struggles

STEP 3 : Discovery

STEP 4 : Solutions 

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Introduction.

Your first step is to introduce yourself: name, how old are you, what’s your college qualifications, where you live, what you do, I your family background, financial state etc.

You remember the “storytelling techniques ” yeah, tell some stories about yourself, that is where you start.

Take a look at everything sales page you see on the internet, you’ll notice what am saying.

STEP 2: Challenges / Struggles.

Your next step is you start talking about how you had this challenges and struggles and how hopeless they made you feel or Look something like that.

How long you have to bear it at the same time hoping for an answer.

STEP 3 : Discovery.

You next phase is to talk about how you me across something that looked like an answer to your problem, challenges and situations

How you were at first skeptical about it and after much consideration you decided to give it a shot and boom.

You got what you’ve been looking for.


Finally, you talk about this solution you have found and how great the product or service has been for you.

You talk about the benefits you’ve gotten as a result of using or applying what you’ve gotten.

Then you make recommendation to anyone who’s having the same challenges or facing the same problem like you did to check out the products or services.


When you want someone to buy something from you, don’t try to sell something to someone else they’ll never buy rather talk about the benefits of what the product or services can offer to whoever gets it and watch how the sales comes in.

Even when creating your Squeeze/Landing page to collect email leads, it’s the same principle.

Always be solution oriented in your landing page writing, talk about the solutions, the benefits and watch your leads grow.


Well, this is how I do write my copy and I hope it’s as simple as I expected and you can easily memorize it and use a a guide while you keep developing your copy writing skill.

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The best part is ” YOU CAN START FOR FREE” 

There’s the free and paid plan but you can start with the free plan to see things for yourself then you decide if it’s the right place for you to be.

This sums up my post for you and hope you learnt something from this post, you can leave me a comment or questions below, I will be glad to answer and help as much as I can.

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