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How To Improve Blog Traffic With Pinterest.

How To Improve Blog Traffic With Pinterest.

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How To Improve Blog Traffic With Pinterest.

How To Improve Blog Traffic With Pinterest.

Having high increasing traffic on blogs is the desire of every blogger, but not every blogger has a good knowledge of how to achieve this dream. There are quite several ways to push traffic to your blog but my focus is basically how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

As I earlier pointed out that there are many ways to push traffic to your blog some of which include using social networks such as Facebook platform, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What is Pinterest all about?

Pinterest is one of the relevant social networks that make it possible for its users to discover new interests through posting videos and images to their boards or make use of others’ boards.

The art of posting images or videos on Pinterest is known as ‘pinning’. You can pin on the board of others having a common theme with you and you can also browse through what others have pinned.

This social network focuses on connecting people all over the world through things that interest them. Users can upload photos using their computers. They also have the option of using the Pinterest bookmark let to pin things they find interesting on the web.

Pinterest, just like most social networks, its users can carry the regular social networking functions which includes

·         Liking  and commenting on the pins of other users

·         Following the boards of friends

·         Repinning of content on their boards.

·         Sharing the pins of others via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Studies showed that in 2013, Pinterest recorded an incredible growth that exceeded that of Facebook.

Pinterest is a social network that was initially referred to as a female social network because it started with focusing on interests relating to home arts such as decoration, cooking, beauty and fashion, gardening, and other arts that interest women. So, it had a lot of female folks trending it

Recently, arts such that interest the male folks can be seen on Pinterest for example cigars and hunting. Hence, the future increases in the statistics of the male folks.

In the same year 2013, a report from the online content distribution service Share This showed that Pinterest is becoming the fastest growing platform for sharing content online.

In the report, monthly shares running into millions have been made within the first four months in the year all across 2 million websites and 120 social media channels making Pinterest content sharing jumped 19.2% in the latter quarter of 2013.

This helped businesses make decisions beyond just using Facebook and twitter but also concentrating on Pinterest where they can get good traffic for their products.

Pinterest gives opportunities to send your messages through appealing images and videos to the targeted audience. Bloggers can also maximize this to push traffic to their blog knowing a greater number of persons visit this online platform.

If you are considering how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest, then you are in the right direction as a great result is guaranteed once you ready to follow through the guidelines that will be discussed in the latter part of this article.

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Here are the step by step guides on how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

How To Improve Blog Traffic With Pinterest.

1.  Setting Up Your Pinterest Account.

For you to carry out any activity on Pinterest, it is expedient for you to have a Pinterest account hence making this the first step that must be taken to achieve the desire of increasing your blog traffic via Pinterest. Follow the following steps in opening a Pinterest account.

Step1: Go to

Step 2: Sign up with either your Twitter account information or your Facebook account information. You may also choose to provide your email address to open a new Pinterest account.

If you provided an email address, you will need to confirm it by opening the email inbox you provided and look for the confirmation message sent by Pinterest. This confirmation message contains a link that will take you back to Pinterest when you click on it.

Step 3: Provide a unique Pinterest username containing about five characters.

Step 4: Complete the confirmation process

Step 5: Finish signing up.

Where you choose to sign up with your twitter account information or Facebook account information, you will need to provide the login details of the account you have chosen to use for Pinterest. These login details will also be used as your login details for your Pinterest account.

Here are the advantages of selecting this option

·          Pinterest helps you to connect with your existing pals on the account that you have chosen.

·         Also, you do not need to remember additional login details since the same details apply to an existing account.

·          Besides, you will not need to start afresh trying to build up friends; your friends are simply linked up to your Pinterest account. You can also include your twitter or Facebook IDs to your Pinterest profile.

2.  Pinning your post on Pinterest

For you to get a quick or fast audience;

·         You must pin posts that have an existing audience on Pinterest.

·          You should also research persons that are already pinning pieces of stuff in the direction that you are about to go. With the Pinterest search feature, you will be able to know;

a.     People who already have the items on their profile.

b.     Pins already containing the items in the description

c.     Boards already containing the items in the description.

For every post, you intend pinning.

Type in the word that fits the blog post, Pinterest will show a list of pins containing your search item.

Review all the list of pins displayed to know how your post can fit into the list.

Click and Review all boards containing your search item in their description or title. The list of boards will be displayed by Pinterest.

Make a list of the most common words and search words found in the pin description.

3.  Select your pin Image.

Your image must achieve the following;

Must be the right size (use images that are wide and tall).Pictures make Pinterest addicting and alluring. Where pictures are wide enough, it makes it difficult to be passed by without giving it a second look.

The perfect size is within 2:3 and 4:5 i.e. where you have an image that is 700 in widths, the height should be 990,

a.  Must be eye-catching i.e. good colors combination, attractive and bright colors.

b.  Should be related to the content of the blog post.

c.   It must also encourage others to share your post,

d.  It should include an actionable phrase like, click to learn more.

4.  Target at the right time.

Remember that Pinterest shows a great number of pins every hour of each day and for your pins to earn high attention you must understudy the perfect time for pinning your post.

Note that the purpose of your pins on Pinterest is so that it can be repined by your audience. It is therefore important to know the best time to achieve this which simply knows the time frame that you can get the attention of your audience

Study shows that the worst time to pin on Pinterest is anytime during working hours while the best to pin a post is Saturdays morning(this is known as the peak period). Alternatively is to find out the demographics of your audience. This can be done through the use of Pinterest analytics.

This will help you to know how your audience spends their time on Pinterest and it can better guide you on the perfect time to pin your post to reach your targeted audience. Also, ensure that you abide by the Pareto’s rule 80/20 i.e. you share 80% of other users’ material and 20 % of yours.

5.  Joining a Pinterest group board.

This is another important tool that can help to speed you up when considering how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

A group board is great for increasing traffic on your blog. You do better when you join a popular group board. If you pin regularly on the boards, other people who usually visit the board might be interested in your Pinterest boards when they see your pins

How to join group boards

Step 1: You can find out Pinterest group boards on Pin groupie.

Step 2: Search for a keyword

Step 3:  Get to know the person who created the group board. Start a dialogue with the person, you can create a strong bond doing that.

Step 4: Start pinning the contents of the group.

Step 5: Check out the invite instructions and stick to it.

6.  Social snap plug-in.

Bloggers using WordPress will be familiar with this plug-in. Using certain unique Pinterest specific features along with Social snap your presence on Pinterest will grow hence increasing the traffic on your blog.


With the number of guidelines stated in this article, any blogger will be able to satisfy the desire of how to increase blog posts with Pinterest and if you would want one on one training, then leave a comment below.

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