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How To Create An Effective Facebook Ads – 3 Steps

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ads – 3 Steps

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How To Create An Effective Facebook Ads – 3 Steps

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Platform is one large place that any advertiser can get massive buyers/customer base and make salsa beyond his expectations with over 1 Billion active users online. It’s very important that a marketer knows how to take advantage of this active users to profit For his business.

Many new marketer finds it hard to create ads on Facebook because of one of the following reasons :

√ Facebook Policies

√ Tried to set up an ads and failed.

√ May not know how to create a Facebook ads

These might be one of the reasons many fail with Facebook advertising, but today I’ll be showing you the basic things you’ll need to know to get you started with the Facebook ads mastery and if you want to get a more advanced training on Facebook ads, you leave me a comment below this post.

When it comes to advertising, there are 2 kinds of advertising :

  • Passive advertising
  • Direct advertising

this kind of advertising can also be referred to as interruption marketing and this is where the seller/advertiser is looking forward the buyers/customers and that is where Facebook advert comes in because you are interrupting the people that came to socialize with adverts about your products, goods and services.


This kind of advertising can also be called Direct Marketing and this is where the customers/buyers are looking forward the Sellers/advertisers. Example of these kind of advertising are the Google, Bing, Native ads.

How to create an effective Facebook ads

In order to create an effective Facebook ads you need to understand that Facebook ads is very easy to setup, it’s inexpensive ( with $5 to get started).

These are 3 main Anatomy of Facebook ads.

  1. The Campaign
  2. The Ad set
  3. The Ad

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ads - 3 Steps


The campaign is where you get to choose the objective of your ads. And these objectives are divided into 3 Parts:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ads - 3 Steps

Depending on your need for the Ads, you set your objective.

1. Awareness: Under this objective, you have Brand Awareness and Reach.

This objective is also good fortune new businesses that wants to announce their presence online so you can run an as to reach more people and create awareness For your brand, you’re not trying to make any sales here, just creating awareness.

2. Consideration:  In consideration you have

  • Traffic ( if you want click to your website)
  • App install ( get people to install your app)
  • Video views ( if you need views For your video ads)
  • Lead generation ( if you want to generate leads for your email list, this is the right option)
  • Post engagement ( If you want engagement on your ad, this is the right option)
  • Page like( If you want more page likes For your new Facebook page or ads)
  • Event Response ( If you have an even you want to get people to attend, this is the objective For such)
  • Message ( This is a messenger ad)

These are the various objectives For creating Facebook ads also under consideration.

3. Conversion : Under this objectives, if you want sales for your products, goods and services then this is the right options For you and under this objective we have:

  • Conversion( if you want conversion on your website)
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic ( to your local store)

The details above covers everything you’ll need to know on the CAMPAIGN section of the Facebook Anatomy.


The asset is where you setup the following :

  • The budget and schedule : The budget and schedule is where you set the amount you want to spend per day on your ads and it’s always from $5/day and the schedule is where you set the time you’ll want your ads to start running or you’re done setting up your ads.
  • Audience: under audience we have the custom audience ( which you use to reach people who have already interacted with your business, but as a new business you don’t need this option now).
  • Location : Location is where you choose the target countries For your ads and where you’ll want your address to be shown.
  • Age: This is where you choose The age bracket you want to target with your ads and it’s always from 18 to 64 and above.
  • Gender: this is where you get to choose the gender to target with your ads
  • Detailed targeting: under this option we have:
  • Demographic
  • Interest
  • Behavior

These are various group of people that will see your ads. This is where you refine your audience to get the exact people that your ads is meant For.

  • Placement : The placement are the different Facebook ads delivery system that they can showcase your ads to your targeted audience and based on your objective and demographics you can choose your address placement by using the “EDIT OPTION” on the placement to choose where you want your ads to be shown.
  • Optimization & Delivery : This is where you optimize and choose who you want to see your ads and every choice affects who sees your ads, these can be
  • Link click
  • Landing page views
  • Daily Unique Reach
  • Impressions.

All these make up the AD SET section Anatomy of Facebook ads.


This is the last Anatomy of the Facebook ads and in this section we have:

  • The Identity : this is where you want the shown either on Facebook or Instagram.
  • The create ads or use existing post: It’s an option where you get to choose either to create your address or use an existing post from Your Facebook page to setup your ad.
  • Language
  • Tracking : this is where you setup your Facebook pixels, conversion tracking etc ( Advanced course)

These sums up our Explanation of the Facebook anatomy now we’ll be looking at how to research for Facebook ads.

How To Research For Facebook Ads

When you want to set up a Facebook ad, irrespective of what objective you choose, doing a research on your audience is very important to having a successful as because you need to have the right demographic, interest and behavior of the right audience in order to make sales or commission.

There are 2 major tools you’ll need for these and they are:

  • Audience Insight 
  • Google search 



This is a free audience research tool from Facebook that you use to find your audience, once you launch it shows you “‘Everyone on Facebook” and “People connected to your Page”.

On the left side you see:


– Age

– Gender

– Interest.

When advertising, understand that there are 2 kinds of interest:

1. Those that are Passionate

2. Those that just like the offer.

Our focus is to find the Passionate audience that like what we have to offer because these are the ones that will pull out their credit card to either buy what we have or take a step that we want so as to get paid.



Let’s use an example here of the GOLF NICHE – many people including myself likes golf but unlike me there are those who are passionate about golf, they read everything about golf, watch everything about golf, discuss about golf, everything about them revolves around golf, they are subscribers to any golf related tips, magazines etc.

So we are going to find these people now.

I have this golf course set giveaway from one of the CPA affiliate networks am registered with Maxbounty.

This is a golf course giveaway from those in the US. now I want to use Facebook to run an as for this offer and this offer is paying me $1.60 For everyone who signs up with their email.

These are the things I’ll do:

Step 1.  I’ll go to and search for “TOP 10 US GOLF MAGAZINES “.

As you can see above there are several golf magazines that just came up.

Step 2. I then launch the audience insight and the copy the names of each golf magazines, set my target country-US, and type the golf magazine in the demographic section and run a search and this is what came up over 87% who are interested and registered in this golf digest magazine are men and age from 25 to 64, so I’ll do the same thing with other golf magazines, then I jump over to golf TV shows, top golfers ( about 3 to 5)

Now my summary is these:

  • Country – US
  • Age – 25-64
  • Gender – Male
  • Interest – golf digest magazines, etc
  • Audience capacity – My objective For this ad is “engagement” so my target is from 200,000 to 10,000,000 because the more people the better.
  • Placement : mobile feeds – because I want and engagement For my ad because I’ll be using my Facebook page.

This is how I do my research on Facebook ad now I have those that really would love to see my ads and take action. Now we will look at how to write your Facebook ad.

How To Write A Good Facebook Ads.

When you want to write your Facebook ad you have to be mindful of one thing and that is ” Let your Ads Be solution oriented”.

Still using golf as our example, here’s how I wrote it:

    • Title:  GOLF SET GIVEAWAY.
    • Description :

???? Our MAY giveaway is now Live and FREE to enter now ????

‼️For your chance to get a Limited Edition Tour Bag, Callaway GBB EPIC Driver and complete set of X Forged Irons all you have to do is:

✅ 1. Comment your favorite Golfers name below
✅ 2. Like this post and share this post. ????????????

Thank you to Callaway for the giveaway. 100 people will be selected at random and announced tomorrow

Good Luck Golfers!!

Now Look at the engagement that we got from the post ad from my golf niche page;

Reach; 13,396
Engagement: 1,115
Likes: 193
Shares: 116
Comments: 129
Amount Spent: $10

Now remember I said my objective was engagement For this ad and to effectively engage with those that comment I have to use a chat bot messenger to respond to everyone that comments with few questions and after that send them The link to the offers.


Now my point is when writing your Facebook ads be solution oriented because people are looking forward solutions to their problems, answers to their questions and if you can show them the solution to what they’re facing, you sure will build trust and gain buyers.

There’s no magic to writing a good as or is there any formula and you need is to be solution oriented irrespective of you’re running an ad on Facebook, google, bing etc. Just be solution oriented and that will get you the clicks and comments to your ads.


Now there are other aspects of Facebook ads and running adverts you need to know, things like :

  • How to setup Facebook Pixel.
  • How to setup your post back URL
  • Tracking your clicks, engagement so that you can optimize your address to get better conversion and I can help you with getting to know more about all of these.

If you want to take your Facebook ad training to the advanced level then I will recommend that you join WEALTHY AFFILIATE TRAINING . This unique affiliate marketing group is built by an affiliate marketer for affiliate and non-affiliate marketers like you and the lessons, Live training covers every aspect of internet marketing that you’ll ever need to know from finding a niche, building your website, creating contents, building your email list understanding SEO and various traffic generation etc.


Leave a comment below indicating your interest to join wealthy affiliate and I’ll get back To You with information on how you can learn more and I’ll be welcoming you inside wealthy affiliate and as a bonus I’ll be part of those to guide you to make the best out of wealthy affiliate,also you can share your thoughts in the comment section below so we all learn together.


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