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How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

How To Build Your Email List Fast. – 3 Simple Steps

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How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

Email marketing has over a decade been one of the best way to run an effective online business and the most sustainable because of it’s many advantages that it gives to the business owner.

Today I’ll be sharing with you how to build your email list fast and the tools you’ll require to get your email properly setup.


The following step to building your email list are :

  1. HAVING A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNED LANDING PAGE: Having a professional designed landing page is your first step to building your email list.

How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

You can design your landing page yourself using “Microsoft expression” if you are a bit tech or you can make use of several squeeze page designing platform like, builderall, conversionpro, instabuilder, leadpages, Profitbuilder etc.

How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

Any of these platforms can help you build a professionally designed landing page you can use to capture the email addresses of your visitors. These landing pages are all from INSTABUILDER and you can check out some



2. THANK YOU PAGE/BRIDGE PAGE: This is the first page those who entered their email sees and what you do with this page is very important, in fact you could make your first dollar right from this thank you page, this is how it looks like as in image below.

How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

I know some email marketers may or may not always use this page especially if you have a squeeze/landing page on your website those ones sends you straight to the offers the squeeze page is talking about but if you have your intention of building your email list then you must have your thank you page in place or have some offers that might require the visitor to take some actions and you get paid. You’ll always find such offers from CPA network.

How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

3. HAVE YOUR AUTORESPONDER SEQUENCE SETUP: This is third step you’ll need to setup, having your autoresponder sequence setup and this you can do by using email marketing platforms like : gettesponse, aweber, mailchimp, etc.

How To Build Your Email List Fast. - 3 Simple Steps

These email marketing platforms helps you preset your emails from your welcome emails, educational emails to promotional emails etc.

These preset emails go out at different times to all your email subscribers and in this email marketing platforms you have access to your data base emails you’ve collected through your squeeze page. Once you have these 3 things in place then it’s time to get traffic( bring people to your website).


There are 2 ways to getting traffic to build your email lists:

  • Free traffic:
  • Paid traffic:
  1. FREE TRAFFIC : These involves using all non ad spending methods to get get traffic to your squeeze page.

The Free Traffic methods is good for someone who doesn’t have enough money to spend to jump start their email marketing business, so you can start with the free methods and grow some cash to invest into your business.

2.  PAID TRAFFIC:  When it comes to paid traffic to building your email list, there are several ways which are:

  • Running a (PPC) pay per click campaign on Google, Bing website. 
  • Running facebook and instagram campaign ads 
  • Running a push notifications campaign traffic 
  • Running a Native ads campaigns on other advertising website. 
  • BUYING SOLO-ADS from solo ads vendors. 

Of all the above mentioned paid traffic, buying SOLO-ADS from solo a vendors is the fastest way to build your email list because you are buying these ads from those who already have email list in the database, you pay them some money to have them send email to their subscribers and use your squeeze page website link to have them click through to sign up to the offer you are giving them for free.Through this process you build your email list and have have them subscribed to your own offers.


There are several places you can buy solo-ads from vendors on place to go to is  , etc. Or just google ” best solo-ad vendors” lots of them will come up.

This is how to build your email list fast and if everything I’ve explained here are too tech For you then you might want to check out the  “12 Minutes Affiliate. ”

DEVON brown has already done all the techy work force you in building your landing page, thank you page and also written 80 emails that has clickbank high converting for you to pre-load to your aweber and Done-for-you traffic system you can leverage on to jump start your email marketing business, all you’ll need to do is create a clickbank account because all the affiliates link in the emails are offers from clickbank that you earn commissions from.

The “12 minutes affiliate ”  saves everyone who wants to make money online but has ZERO experience with all the techy stuffs online, and doesn’t know how to write emails that converts nor where to get his traffic from.

Read the 12 minutes affiliate review here to better understand everything you’ll get with his program. 

If you have any questions, comment you can ask them below and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

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