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How To Build A Successful Online Business

How To Build A Successful Online Business – Mastering Keywords & Market Research.

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How To Build A Successful Online Business – Mastering Keywords & Market Research.

How To Build A Successful Online Business

As an Online entrepreneur and business owner one of the major things you must master in order to become a successful marketer online is “Keyword and market research mastery” in other words how to do keyword research is very vital . This is one aspect of building a successful website or blog for your business or for your clients and Unfortunately not many people know much about this aspect of building a long term brand online business

Mastering keyword & market research is one of the first major steps in getting to know what audience you’ll be reaching and what you will be offering to your audience and today I will be sharing with you along these lines by looking at the following points below.

These are the things that we will be looking at in this post:

* How to Research Keywords For Long Term Growth
* Understanding The Concept Of “BEST” Post
* Is The ‘Year’ Important To Your Strategy? Pros & Cons
* How To Source Out Information For Your Content.

1. How to Research Keywords For Long Term Growth.

When it comes to researching keywords , it is very important that you research for keywords that are “EVERGREEN” that is keyword that don’t have expiring dates something that will last for a long time.

Another thing to put into consideration is ” who is behind the search?” , so when researching for keywords always think of what will not go out of style, that is ever relevant and also not just looking at the numbers of searches per month but also think of who’s behind the search.

If for example you are researching about ” Best ski boots for kids” , that gives you the indiction that its a parent thats behind the search, Now this will help you know about who your audience is and what is their mind-set for doing the search.

This will really help you in doing your keyword research because there will be chances that you will see a nice keyword but when you think of the person behind the search you might discover that the keyword being searched does not have and ” Buyer Intent” behind their search.

In doing a keyword research there is what is known as the basic rule of thumb:

* Having Over 100 AVG. Search Volume: This is the average number of searches that keyword receives per month.

How To Build A Successful Online Business

* Have a QSR that is under 100: A QSR means ( Quoted Search Results) that means the number of competing websites ranked in google for this EXACT keyword.

How To Build A Successful Online Business

* Finally have a great (KQI): what does this means? It means keyword quality indicator and these are how you determine them: Green is Great, Yellow is Ok, and Red is Poor.

How To Build A Successful Online Business

These are the 3 great general rules when researching for keywords to build out your website and if you don’t have an account with Jaaxy, then you can create a free account from here.

Now in a situation where you have less than 100 AVG. monthly search and more than 100 QRS. then in situations like this you decide to go on or not.


2. Understanding The Concept Of ‘ BEST’ Post.

The best post basically means the following: BEST[ Niche Category] for X.

This is the formula and what it simply means is ” X = it could mean ” audience, season, or a situation, let’s take an example that my website is about winter sports and I want to write about : ski boots”.

Let’s assume I did research for keyword and found ” Best Ski boots for Kids” using my above formula which is [ Best – (Niche Category)- for ( audience) ].

Another one could be “Bests Snow boots for ski season” which formula is [ Best (niche category) for (season) ], Another one is ” Best ski boots for wide feet”

which formula would be [ Bets(niche category) for ( situation) ].

These in general are the formula for looking out for keyword using the ” BEST CONCEPT”.


3. Is The ‘Year’ Important To Your Strategy? Pros & Cons.

When writing articles about a specific post , it is always good to add the year to your keyword post title just as we explained in the second point above about ” Best – (Niche Category) – for (Audience)”. You can say “Best ski boots for kids 2019”.

This is what we mean by adding year to your keyword but what are the Pros and Cons for adding the “Year” to your keyword post titles?

* Most times these can help garner traffic and increase your google ranking but most times it’s not relevant to every post on your website.


* More Narrow keyword
* Easy to rank, generally speaking they are easier to rank
* Relevant, There are more relevant and specific to a targeted audience


* Maybe too narrow, when keyword is too narrow then not a good idea to use.
* Need to change each year
* Does Not work for all niche categories, This method does not always work for all niche categories
* Could be seasonal, Making use of the “Year” could be seasonal and this could make you always redoing the post every year in order to rank that post on google because its always coming in seasonally


4. How To Source Out Information For Your Content.

When you want to source out information for your content, there are 2 things you will need to do:

1. You need to find a general information about the product you are about to review, if you want to write about reviewing products
2. The next is to find information about peoples experience regarding the product.

These are the: Hard facts and Opinion based content

These are the places to go to and get the information you need:

1. Product Manufacturer:
If you want to Review about some products either physical or digital products on clickbank, the first place to go to is the product manufacturer website and get the basic information you will need to know about the product.

2. Amazon:
Let’s suppose you want to promote a physical product and wants to write a review about that product, going to amazon to find more relevant information like”
– Customer Reviews: Those who have bought the product and wrote a short review about the product could be a good source of information in your compilation for comprehensive review you are about to write about.
– Product Information : This is additional information you can get by using Amazon for products reviews
– Specs

3. Wherever it’s being sold online:
You can check out extra information from other websites where the products are being sold, and get as much information you can get as possible.

4. You can look at other peoples reviews in the following areas:
– Your competitors reviews, get to read what they have to say about the product and make your final conclusion
– Watch some youtube videos about the same products because some might have actually bought that product for the sole purpose of doing a video review to sell the product, that way you can also get more in depth information about the product you want to sell

These are the 4 major methods to building your website framework and mastering keywords and marketing research and the one major tool that we use to carry out our keyword research is called “Jaaxy keyword research tool”.

This Tool has so much it offers to the internet marketer and makes keyword very simple to do, you can read the full review of jaaxy above.

The 2 Major tools that you require to make out your website framework, master keyword and market research are:

1. Jaaxy keyword research tool.
2. Siterubix wordpress website builder.

These are the products we offer at wealthy affiliate for free for all our students and you can have access to them also and start building your online business.

I will appreciate your feedbacks and comments below to learn more about mastering keywords and market research.

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