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How To Build A Successful Online Business

How To Build A Successful Online Business – Integrating Money Element Into A Website.

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How To Build A Successful Online Business

Integrating Money Element Into A Website.

One of the major reasons for having an online business is to generate income and we do that by knowing how to integrate the money element into your website which is essentially what we call “website monetization“.

In our post today we will be looking at how to integrate money element into your website but before we do, i will want you to do a review of where we started and where are are today:

In our first post we started with how to Starting Out A Long Term Brand. .
Next we looked at how to Build Out Your Website Framework.
Thirdly we looked at MASTERING KEYWORDS & MARKET RESEARCH for your website.

today we will be studying how to integrate the money element into your website and you can see below what are the lists of what we have to look at in understanding how to integrate money elements into your website.

* A List Of Money Element Options( Understanding the different kinds of monetization strategies we can do)
* Which Money Element Is Best For Long Term Growth.
* How To Find Awesome Affiliate Programs And Where Do We Find These Affiliate Programs
* Maximizing Conversions With CTA’s (These explains what you need the people to do either in the middle or at the end of your posts)

These are the 4 Points we will be looking at in this post and i hope you get lots of value from this post and if you do please leave me a comment below

A List Of Money Element Options (Understanding the different kinds of monetization strategies we can do)

I want to ask you this question so as to get your creative juice flowing. What are the types of things that we can do to monetize and generate income from our website?

There are varieties of ways to monetize a website but in this post i will want to talk about the TOP 3, the ones that makes the most sense in our world today

Affiliate Offers:
Affiliate offers is the first basic way to monetize a website and these you can do by doing a single product reviews, multiple products reviews where you review products and make recommendations to your visitors concerning that product and have your affiliate link in place.

Ad Revenue:
This is basically where you use google adsense installed to your website or any other third party adsense network installed on your website to place ads on your website so from there you generate revenue as your visitors click on those ads links on your website.

Your Own Product:
Having your own product and funneling people to go buy your product and these you can do either by producing the product yourself or leveraging some Private Label Rights products if you are selling digital products.

Which Money Element Is Best For Long Term Growth.

Now looking at the best 3 types of money element to integrate on your website, what i want us to look at is which is the best money element for LONG TERM GROWTH?

You see it really depends at what stage your website is, how old is your website? 6 months, 2 years or 10 years? how long your website has been online will decide what monetization element will be best for you.

So the monetization strategy depends on the timeline of your website, let’s look at a brand new site for example, In my opinion i don’t think having Ads on a brand new website is right, I will advise you to leave it alone – No Monetization at all. My reason being that the website is brand new and it will take some time for your website to RANK ON GOOGLE.

So rather than thinking about monetization, I will suggest that you first rank your website first, because this is very important to monetizing your website.

Getting your website to rank tells google that you want to educate your readers about your topic and you`re not interested in making money from them, that way google ranks your website better and overtime you can then monetize.

Next is if you have a new website with some rankings, then you can add some affiliate offers. If you have website with several rankings to your websites then you can add affiliate offers and also your own product if you have some products you own.

If you have a website with 10,000 visitors a month or more, then you could have affiliate offers, have your own products and you can also add Ad Revenue to your website.

This is why i don’t recommend doing Ad Revenue on a brand new website because if you don’t have traffic on the website, what’s the point of having ads on your site when there’s no one to click on them. That i advised that you get some traffic coming to your website first


How To Find Awesome Affiliate Programs.

How To Build A Successful Online Business

When it comes to finding awesome affiliate offers i have no better recommendation for that than Wealthy Affiliate, My reason being that wealthy affiliate has a section on their platform where they have some awesome selected affiliate offers from different affiliate networks that members of wealthy affiliate weather Free or Paid members can promote right from the platform and earn good commission and i recommend you check it out by clicking the image below

That is where you will find different affiliate programs to promote inside wealth affiliate, You can take a look at what i’m saying by clicking the image above, in the image above you will see where it says ” Affiliate Programs” once you click on it, it`ll take you to where you will do your research and find products to promote.

Why i love The affiliate programme inside wealthy affiliate is that it has everything you can think of promoting online except Amazon, but every other website that sells digital products, physical products etc, you look for it within wealthy affiliate “Affiliate Programmes“,you`ll find it there.

If you want to look for affiliate programs outside of Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress then the next place i recommend you look at is the wealthy affiliate ” Affiliate Programs” section, you will be surprised how many affiliate products are available there for you to promote.

Maximizing Conversions With CTA’s.

For those of you who may not know what CTA means ,It means Call To Action. And this means the words that you use to send people either to an affiliate offers or to make your visitors online do a specific thing or act in a specific way on your website.

Now i want to us to look at how you maximize conversions with CTA, How to get our visitor do something or take a certain action, most times the normal words have always been: “click here” ” signup” etc, but what i want you to learn is how to use “Passive Language”

Now Passive language means how to sell without selling and this means selling the benefits of the products or offers without directly recommending your visitors to buy this product.

* Words That Will Help You Maximize Conversion With CTA`s:

  – Instead of using the word “Buy Now” why not use ” Check Latest Price on [website name]”. This is how to use passive language another one could be ” Read Additional Testimonials On Amazon”
  – Instead of using the word ” Click Here” why not use ” Oh it’s located on [ website name], This is more passive
  – Instead of using ” Get This Now” why not use ” i use this [mention item name]”, this is more passive and better

Using words like this tends to bring people to an emotional state and then make their buying decision based on emotion which they will justify by logic. And by bringing you to that emotional state am anticipating to get you to relate with what am saying to see the reason why you can have it also.

These 4 points are how anyone can integrate money element into your website and if you still have more ways you can integrate money element into a website you can share with us below to learn better ways anyone can monetize their websites and increase revenue.

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