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How To Build A Successful Online Business

How To Build A Successful Online Business – Building Out Your Website Framework.

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How To Build A Successful Online BusinessHow to build out your website Framework.

Today we will be looking at how to build out a website framework from scratch and in this post i want you to read everything to the last word because this will help you know how to setup your website the proper way. One thing I want you to always remember about building out the framework of your website is “SIMPLICITY“.

Keeping things simple, in your content delivery,your website layout etc. Always ensure that everything is kept simple because if it’s going to be complex, it will be hard to read. So keep your overall website looking simple and always keep that in mind in everything you do online.

* How to build out your website framework.
* Pages vs Posts – What goes where?
* The importance of a solid menu navigation
* How to make your site look awesome in a few steps

Before we start let’s look at the word ” frenetic“, what does it mean? It means “fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way”. The reason why i brought in this word is because I want you to remember this when it comes to the internet, social media and online in general. I would say that the online world is somehow quiet Frenetic, when it comes to finding things online, this is the best way I can describe it.


1. How To Build Out Your Website Framework.

There are varieties of ways to build out a website layout and framework from “map it out” using different varieties. You can map it out using a piece of paper or you can do so using a mind map software online, or sticky notes etc.

When you first start out you may want to map out: HOME, ABOUT, BLOG, CONTACT. in building the framework for your website so mapping out a website is just similar to mapping out a navigation and this is what mapping out your entire website is all about it’s about mapping out the entire navigation system of your website to make it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

When it comes to mapping out, it’s necessary that you keep things extremely simple because the more frenetic we make out website the less likely we will make people want to stay for a longtime.

Frenetic website simply means having things all over the place, It’s just like browsing through facebook now, there are lots of information flowing all over the place so much so that you don’t get to absorb everything ,even if there’s an interesting post that’s right in front of you but because of the frenetic energy flowing on the site you simple scan through the feeds, am i right?

That’s exactly what I mean by having a frenetic website, when you don’t have a well mapped out website, there may be lots of energy(valued information) on your website but little to no interest to your visitors because it`s not properly organized. That’s why I advised that you keep everything on your website SIMPLE.

By keeping things simple on your website; what I mean is what is the most effective way to get your readers absorb the information you present to them? That’s why you must have a very simple structure and my suggestion is to have a single column website.

So 2020 is the year for having a single column website.


2. Pages Vs Posts – What Goes Where?

These are the ways to know what information that goes where:


* Fact based content: That would mean contents that don’t need any type of comments, or its never going to get outdated, for example ” THE ABOUT PAGE” “YOUR CONTACT” ” YOUR PRIVACY POLICY”


* Opinion based content: These are basically blogs which might be articles or posts on “REVIEWS”,”HOW TO`S,”BEST PRODUCT FOR NICHE”,etc

There are 2 main differences between a Page and a Posts;

Posts have date stamps and comments but Pages do not have date stamps and don’t have comments, for example you don’t comment on your privacy policy or on your About page, so that is the main difference between  a page and post.


3. The Importance Of A Solid Menu Navigation.

The basic menu navigation are usually located at the top of every website

( add image here)

In creating a solid menu navigation is very important is more like having a guided tour of your website Now if i want to learn about all your blog posts, all i need to do is go to your blog page to get access to all your blog posts and if i want to learn about you the website owner, i go to your “ABOUT PAGE”.

So you can see that your menu is like a guided tour of your website and its very important to have a solid menu navigation, This will help because you will want your traffic that will be visiting your site to get value for coming to your website.


4. How To Make Your Website Look Awesome In A Few Steps.

If you remember at the beginning of this Post, I mentioned a word ” FRENETIC“, you remember? Now what is the opposite of FRENETIC? well the Opposite is “SIMPLICITY“.

The way to make your website look awesome is to keep your overall website look simple, take a look at the APPLE WEBSITE

everything there looks very simple, they have a single column website, easy to navigate and whatever you are looking for ,you can easily find..

Another thing is what converts visitors to buyers is not the website nor the layout but the contents of the website and how the content is delivered, Now it is this aspect of how your content was delivered that will tell if your visitors will convert or not and one of such ways to ensure your content is well delivered is to have your visitors stay focused on the matter at hand rather than having them in a frenetic position.

So making your website looks awesome is all about keeping things SIMPLE. These are what is being taught at wealthy affiliate, how to build such simple websites in less time and minimal effort all for free

And we have in wealthy affiliate full training on these subjects that anyone can take advantage of and have a simple, clean website for your business.


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