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How To Build A Successful Online Business 2020 - Starting Out A Long Term Brand.

How To Build A Successful Online Business 2020 – Starting Out A Long Term Brand.

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How To Build A Successful Online Business

How To Build A Successful Online Business

One of the major problems some businesses have today is their inability to build a brand and while some also have become very successful not necessarily because of their products but because they were able to build brand for their business.

A brand is NOT necessarily a logo. A brand is NOT necessarily the name of your company. A brand IS power. Many online and offline entrepreneurs work hard building a business, but only a few build a brand.

Building your business into a brand is essential to developing your asset to the fullest. When you build a brand for your business you are really creating two distinct assets–a brand AND a business.

Whether you realize it or not, your brand can be many times more valuable than your business. Brand is more important than the actual product. Anyone can sell a product, only people with passion can create a brand.

But how do you create or build a brand? In this post am going to share with you how to build, start out a long term brand , so we will be looking at theses few thoughts below:

* Creating a thriving Authority Website
* Strategies to look at for a long term Brand
* The ONE Niche Segment which is ALWAYS a winner


What does it mean to build a thriving authority website, what do I mean by that, what does it mean to thriving? we can also say that thriving means profitable, successful. when we talk about authority website, a lot of have different perceptions as to what authority website is but for me how i look at it is people coming back to your website seeking information, solution or answers to their questions,problems etc over and over and over again.

That to me is what I consider an authority website, for example the site WEBMD is what I consider an authority because of its ability to bring answers and solution to anything and everything related to the medical world, and i bet a lot of us have used that website lots of times including myself because it’s simple process of providing answers to some medical issues and questions.

Another website I consider an authority website is “wikipedia” because it provides answers to questions about things we used to search for using “encyclopedia” but now we can get all of that using the wikipedia. To me that is Authority Website.

Creating A thriving authority website is building a website where people trust what’s on the website, they bookmark the website as a place they can always come back again and again to receive answers because they trust what’s on the website.

What Is It That Makes An Authority Website Memorable?

There are different things that makes an authority website memorable and these things are different for different people but in my opinion these are what I consider as having an authority website memorable:

* They have a good and quality content
* If the website is an ecommerce website,they sell quality products and everything about the product is exactly as described
* The website layout,logo,images and videos are of good and high quality.
* Their engagement with their audience make the user experience top notch.
* A website where whoever comes to the site is able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

These are different for different people but it all starts with something clean and simple for everyone to be able to navigate and find whatever you are looking for.

SO when it comes to creating a thriving authority website you have to consider all of the above listed things and these are things that are taught at Wealthy Affiliate because when you start this kind of website, you are looking at building a long term online business that will last for many years.

How To Build An Authority Website.

Building an authority website starts:

* Deciding on what Niche you want to go into: You have to choose a niche and what is a niche? It simply means a group of specific people looking for a specific thing.
* Next is you do a keyword research about that Niche to know the number of people who are looking for that Thing online and how many websites are providing that thing , this you can achieve by using a keyword tool called “Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
* The next thing you do after these is to buy a domain name, and jaaxy keyword research tool will help you find a keyword rich niche domain name that is relevant to the website you want to build.
* Lastly is to build your website using this website builder that helps you build your website in 30 second called “Siterubix WordPress Website Builder

These are how to get started building your own Authority Website,then you start populating your website with the relevant information. Next is we will be looking at the strategies to a long term brand.


A brand can be either You the owner of the website, the information on the website Itself or the Logo, Now depending on what niche the website is about that will determine what the brand is about, which gives you insight on what to focus on concerning the brand.

I think when it comes to building an authority websites that is outside the make money online niche, i think the brand should be the website, but if you are going to be selling about lifestyle or finances then the brand is much more going to be about you the owner of the website.

One of the things to consider when building your authority website is ” Does your Niche Idea Solve A Basic Human Need?” to know how to answer this question, you need to know what are the basic human needs and these are

* Shelter
* Food
* Clothes
* Security
* Health
* Money
* Family

These are but a few of the basic needs I can mention here and If your website solves the basic human need, then what is that one basic need it solves? you can answer that for yourself.

Abraham Maslow, an American Psychologist once said ” Amusician must make music, an artist must paint,A poet must write, If he is to be ultimately at peace with himself…” How true does these words apply to you as you want to build an authority website and a brand. If you must be at peace with yourself then your website must meet one basic human need.How To Build A Successful Online Business

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, I want you to find out what human need your niche is going to meet, you can use this as a guide to decide what niche to get into, it may be:

* Physiological Space
* Safety Space
* Love/Belonging Space
* Esteem Space
* Self-Actualization.

Your authority website can fall into any of the above Human Needs in order to create a niche and the lower the niche in the hierarchy of need the better, because you always have to make sure that your niche idea solves a basic human need. I will advise that you study Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs again it will help you in organizing your niche idea to meet a specific human need.


I Want to ask you: what is that one niche segment that is always a winner? can you guess? I will tell you ” ACCESSORIES“.

Accessories is very huge and this is based on general human needs“. Now applying the maslow’s law of human need i think accessories based on general human need is one niche market that is a winner. and it’s really good.

For those of us that celebrates festive holidays like christmas, valentines etc, ” what cool gadget did you get (or give)? Now let’s assume you gave or got any of these:

* A DRONE ( Drone Accessories)
* A New Phone ( Phone accessories)
* A New Kitchenaid mixer ( kitchenaid mixer accessories)
* A new home – if you’ve moved to a new place ( Home Accessories and for these you can break them down to accessories for children and seniors accessories in the home etc).
* Camping Gear ( Camping Accessories)

All of the above listed items are themselves Niches and (NICHE + ACCESSORIES = A GREAT AUTHORITY WEBSITE). When building your frame work for a long term brand think along these lines.

The beautiful thing about the accessories niche is that it helps enhance the main niche of the product itself, for example someone who just bought an iphone will want an iphone case and screen guard to enhance the iphone he/she just bought. This is why accessories niche is an evergreen winning niche and you will do yourself well to start niche websites like these either as an affiliate on amazon or dropship then from aliexpress.

The concept here is that you create these accessory websites based on general human needs and this is one niche that is evergreen and always a winner and it’s how you build a long term brand Authority website.

(I want to give you a home work: think about the accessory market that is around your present niche which is based on general human needs), think about it and get back to me via the comment section below let me know what you think.


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