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How Do You Find Keywords For A Website.

How Do You Find Keywords For A Website.

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How do you find Keywords For A Website


The success of any website ranking on google or any other major search engine is on the keyword used in the website and this is where a lot of new marketers have challenge because the process of how to find keywords for a website as a beginner is always a big challenge.

Today what I intend to do is to help any new affiliate marketers or bloggers who has issues coming up with the right keywords for their website because it appears as though everyone keywords they look for has already been either taken or has high competition, I’ll take you through the process of finding the keyword you need both for your website and for Your blog post.

How To Find Out Keywords For A Website.

Finding out keywords for a website can be a very Boring process if you use keywords tools that couldn’t give you the exact data that you require and as a beginner the data that you’ll require are :

  • Keyword with a decent amount of traffic and an average monthly search volume of from 100 and above.
  • The second and most important of data is to look for a low competition keywords – that is finding keywords with competing website less than 300.
  • The keywords must make grammatical sense.

Before I go into details and show you how i find Low and zero competition keywords with the tool and method I use first just in case you don’t know what the term “keyword” is all about.

What Is A Keyword?

Keyword” in simple terms means the words or phrases that people search on Google or other major search engine when looking for a solution to a problem or an answer to a question or just to look for information.

This is what the term keyword or keywords is all about and now off we go to how to find good keywords for a website. In this demonstration I’ll be showing you how I find my website niche, my website domain name, my keywords post titles for my website articles etc.

So let’s begin.

The first thing I do is decide what is my niche, in the example am using weight loss to start my general search on Google. So using Google instant as I typed in weight loss , 7 keywords search came up

weight loss

weight loss smoothie 

weight loss tips Etc.

I took the sixth keywords phrase that came up “weight loss smoothie” then another more specific keyword came ” weight loss smoothie recipe”. 

Now I took this keyword to a more detailed search using my favorite keywords research tool called “JAAXY


This is one tool that gives you accurate data that I mentioned above so just follow me as I show you how i get my domain name, keyword post titles for all my articles .

First I’ve identified my niche already ” weight loss smoothie recipes“.


Next is to get a domain name and low keyword competition that meets my 3 steps criteria. Now when I put my niche keyword into jaaxy keyword research tool several of these keywords came up as you can see in the image below.

Where I looking at the most is 3 places : 

1. Average traffic: I find out how many visitors does the keyword gets every month.

2. QSR: This is the data that tells you the number of websites competing for that exact keywords

3. Domain name:  Finally is to see if my niche keyword has a domain name and incidentally my niche has a dotcom website ” 

This is very perfect because it help my website rank better on Google and also you can see that my research tool ” JAAXY” has this domain name search with it which I can host go ahead and host on my wealthyaffiliate platform


Wealthy affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that has everything an affiliate marketer will require to make their online business a success. So that’s what am using for this post so as you can see I have my domain name registered and hosted on wealthy affiliate platform.

To learn more about wealthy affiliate read my review here

Now back to finding keywords, now as you can see from my search below from jaaxy, you can see that I have several keywords that have good monthly visitors and good competing websites(QSR). So I have several keywords titles for my articles on different types of smoothie recipes I can create articles on and recommend products that I’ll earn commissions on.

Now I want you to follow the steps I’ve listed above let’s get You a niche, domains name and keywords titles for your website:

Step 1 : Do a general search for your niche in Google.

Step 2 : Extend the search a bit to get it more specific. ( This is your niche now).

Step 3 : Now go over to jaaxy keyword research tool below and do a search of that keyword.



Step 4 : Now check the average monthly search volume and the QSR of that keyword as I did above and check for your domain name and register it either by using name cheap or go daddy or you can use wealthyaffiliate to automatically get it registered and hosted and build your WordPress website in 30 seconds – watch video below on how to build your website in 30 seconds with wealthyaffiliate.

Step 5.  Do more search ( You have 30 search with jaaxy as a free member) of your keyword and find more keywords that meets this criteria below:

  • Have more than 100+ monthly search
  • Have a QSR of 0 to 300 competing websites on that exact keyword.
  • The keyword must make grammatical sense for a keyword title for your article.

Step 6 : Repeat Step 5 over and over for more articles titles and also repeat step 1 – 5 for new niche you want to go into. So you see this is how I find keywords for my website, niche or articles to write about.

Now about wealthy affiliate – I’ll like you to learn more about this awesome platform and what products, training, tools are available as a free member,  you can read my wealthy affiliate review here or go ahead and sign-up for a free account and experience for yourself – no credit card required

If you have any questions or require my help, just comment below and I’ll be glad to help You out


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