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Free Traffic Sources for CPA Offers

Free Traffic Sources for CPA Offers – 8 Free Traffic Method.

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Free Traffic Sources for CPA Offers

Free Traffic Sources for CPA Offers

The success of your affiliate marketing is hinged on the marketing technique employed in referring potential buyers to the affiliate site (traffic), hence, the need for the free traffic sources for CPA offers.

What is CPA marketing?

Cost per action (CPA) marketing refers to an affiliate marketing model where a commission is earned when a user takes actions regarding your products. These actions could include making a purchase, filling a form, sign up for a trial or even getting a quote, submitting an email list, product sales, pin-code submission, downloading of files, phone numbers submission, or any other thing that translate in a conversion for the affiliate.

When you register for an affiliate program, you obtain a tracking link through which you promote the offer. Your task is to create a campaign on any traffic source and convert this to the advertiser. Further, after you’ve chosen your offer, the next step is to identify the source of the traffic to use to start offering your campaign.

What are the top best CPA networks?

Click booth

This is one of the fastest-growing and most popular CPA networks. Click booth was founded in 2002 and it’s known to be one of the oldest companies in the CPA network. It provides a wide range of products and services, and it pays around $100M yearly to its affiliates.

Under the Click booth network, a minimum threshold payment of $50 is guaranteed, weekly payment is done, and the payment options include; PayPal, wire transfer, direct deposit.

Max Bounty

This CPA network came on board in 2004 and has grown to become one of the best-reputed companies around. Max Bounty has a great dashboard and offers a high conversion rate with a unique landing page. Besides, they offer some of the highest paying affiliate programs and great support services to their affiliates.

Max Bounty offers a minimum payment threshold of $50, weekly payment is also achieved and their payment option include PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, wire transfer.

This network derived its name from the fact that you can get set up with the platform in as little as 12minutes and start getting a commission. There is a quick start-up profile that takes you through the process of getting you started. The process also includes having to sign you up with Clickbank so the affiliate offers can be promoted.

Under the 12minutes affiliate network, you have access to three affiliate sales funnels in the following areas: (a) personal development (b) make money online (c) health and fitness.

You determine the affiliate offer to promote but must be in the niches listed above, and offers can only be chosen from the following affiliate networks: (a) warrior plus (b) JVZOO (c) Clickbank. There are about 13 affiliate products that can be promoted and plans are on the way to increase this number.

Crack Revenue

Crack Revenue has offers already tested and optimized for conversion. They provide offers in several markets, for example, Webcam, VOD, etc. Expect to get some of the best payouts with Crack Revenue. They also provide affiliates with tools to check traffic and conversion stats.

Here, the minimum payment threshold is set at $100, the two payment options available are wire transfer and Paxum, and payments are done on a Net-30 basis.

One unique feature of Crack Revenue is the fact that its exclusive geomatic ad tools automatically show the best offers depending on the geographical location and the market of your potential customer

Matomy Media Group

This company was established in 2007 and has so far grown into a company that specializes in multichannel marketing. They are based in Israel, featured as the best CPA network in 2013. They present offers in various categories and with an excellent support service.

The minimum payment threshold is $50, payments are done weekly or Net-30 basis and the payment methods include wire transfer, PayPal.

CPA Lead

CPA Lead started its operation in 2006 but has grown to become very popular among the CPA affiliate network. CPA Lead prides itself with numerous advantages ranging from the higher payout, a wide range of products and services, good support services, and a wide selection of offers and promotions.

$50 is also their minimum payment threshold, and payments are made on Net-30 and Net-15 basis, weekly and also early payment is possible on request. The payment options available include; PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and direct deposit.

Mundo Media

This is another popular CPA network. It is a performance-based CPA network that presents excellent output for affiliates. It is extremely easy to use and it provides a profitable income for publishers. Mundo Media is among the world’s best digital performance-based network.

Their minimum payment threshold is $100. Payments are made weekly or monthly, and the available payment options are wire transfer, direct deposit.

Adwork Media

Adwork media is a CPA network that has a global reach. It provides several high paying offers that are highly profitable when promoted. They have a user-friendly dashboard that helps you track your offers and revenue easily. Adwork media has a unique tracker that can be used for easy evaluation of data such as device, browser, location, etc of your traffic sources.

Under the Adwork media, the minimum payment threshold is $35, payment is made every week, bi-weekly and monthly. The payment options available are PayPal, wire deposit, western union, Payoneer and direct deposit.


The W4 is a relatively young CPA network. It provides a high level of performance. It also prides itself on a wide range of affiliate programs to promote and several offers in different categories. W4 CPA network is regarded as one of the most dependable networks in the world.

Their CPA network is based on transparency, quality, and campaign optimization. This network has an extensive database of partners and publishers earning huge income by partnering with their affiliate program. Their minimum payment threshold is $50 while payments are made on a monthly, weekly and bi-weekly basis. Payment options are through wire transfer and direct deposit

How do I get free traffic sources for CPA offer?

1.  Promote CPA offers through popular forums. Note that before you promote your CPA through any forums, you need to be aware of the ultimate aim of the forum to build a community and assist one another and not to advertise or campaign any products or services.

Besides, the forum to use depends on your CPA offer niche also with the value you will bring to it. Therefore, joining forums that will spam your offer links won’t help in any way and won’t guarantee the desired results.

2.  Free traffic sources for CPA offers could also be achieved via the use of Facebook. It is on record that Facebook is the main source of traffic for several websites because of it’s over 1 billion great daily visitors

Research and identify the pages which are related to your chosen CPA offer. Do not forget to include a call to action (CTA) for people to click on the link you have provided. You could also encourage friends on Facebook to like or give thumbs up on your comments; this will make you unique and boost your traffic.

3.  The use of Pinterest also joins the free traffic sources for CPA offers. Available data has shown that the average sale via Pinterest traffic is more than Facebook traffic. This is a sign of earning higher conversion rates from CPA offers. So, it’s a great thing to develop content about your CPA offers and therefore, push for traffic from Pinterest.

Follow the following tips to promote CPA offers on Pinterest


  1. Visit and sign up if you do not have an account.
  2. Write a unique description and profile name.
  3. Create a board that relates to your CPA offer.
  4. Use your keyword to search on Pinterest.
  5. Upload beautiful images on your board and also follow other boards related to your niche (do not exceed 100 boards per day)
  6. Increase your followers on Pinterest; begin to promote your CPA offers by uploading and pinning nice images with your offer links. Images should be attractive and meet up with Pinterest criteria.
  7. You can add a link to your pin by opening the image and clicking on the edit button, insert the link in the box and save. You can only add a link to pin you uploaded not to pin that you repined from other boards

4.  The use of Reddit as one of the free traffic sources for CPA offers. Here, extra care must be taken when promoting your CPA offers on Reddit. The reason is that the Reddit community hates marketers but that does not mean you can’t market there, you can market on Reddit.

Go through the following steps to start marketing on Reddit.

  1. Sign up on Reddit and join individual groups on your niche of choice.
  2. Do not carry out any promotion for at least a month.
  3. Gather enough karma by posting links that are helpful and also funny, and make comments on other posts too.
  4. Use to track the fastest growing and the most active subreddits
  5. On getting enough karmas, write on a topic related to your CPA offer, include the link, and publish it.
  6. You should use a catchy title to get more views and up votes.

5.   Promoting your CPA offers via the YouTube channel. Being good at making high quality videos and editing leaves you with the advantage of making over $10,000 every month through YouTube video marketing.

You don’t need to worry if you are new at making videos, you can use the Ms. PowerPoint, do a slide presentation and record it as a video screen recorder using either of the following screen recorder, CamStudio (, Ice-cream recorder (, etc.

Tips on how to make your videos rank easily.

  1. Use a keyword tool like and identify your keyword in the YouTube channel
  2. Identify a keyword that relates with your selected CPA offer
  3. The duration of the video must be over 2 minutes.
  4. Before you upload, ensure you insert your keyword in the name of the video file in the title, description section and tags before uploading.
  5. Go ahead and share the video on all social media platforms
  6. Never forget to build back links for each of your videos to have a good result.

The use of YouTube videos is counted among the best free traffic sources for CPA offers in the world of affiliate marketing.

6.   Using Twitter to promote your CPA offers. Your CPA affiliate link needs to be shortened using before you promote it on Twitter. Research has shown that short links get more engagement and it is advisable to begin your Twitter promotion using Hashtags research for optimum results. Visit the for a hashtag analyzing tool, followed by a keyword related to your CPA offers.

In other to ensure your tweets are effective and visible, use 2-3 Hashtags in every tweet, also use related pictures in the tweets, and tweet between 8-10 times daily.

7.  The use of email marketing is also among the free traffic sources for CPA offers. Do you have a large number of people on your mailing list? if yes, you can derive the value on your mailing list to drive traffic to your CPA offer.

8.  Write a good informative article, and written in good English, cascade the article to all the contact on your mailing list. Attach the link to the offer in your article. Be rest assured that several people will be reached and make people show interest in your offer.

If you do not have a sizable number on your list, you could contact companies that are good at building a huge mailing list. Email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Madmimi, and Infusionsoft could be used for your email marketing campaign.

You must do all within your powers in getting the right traffic for your CPA offers because the success of the business is based on the volume of traffic directed to the offer. Ability to combine these tips on free traffic sources for CPA offers will make your conversion rate increase because more people will become aware of your CPA offers, and you will earn more income for your efforts

If you have any comments, question you will like to ask just drop them below, I I’ll be happy together back to you in 24hrs.



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    • Social network are so powerful when it comes to driving traffic to website, offers that we need to start taking advantage of especially pintrest.

      This is one picture search engine that is making alot of affiliate marketers commissions that if we all can master will be a huge game changer.

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    • Thanks Catherine for your comment. My passion is to really dymystify CPA network marketing in such a way the any newbie can apply now and get instant approval because I had a very bad experience with some CPA that rejected my application when I first started.

      Also when wanting to find CPA networks just go To
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      My next post will Be on step by step process on how to get approved on any CPA network For beginners.

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