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SCAM ALERT – Affilorama’s Review Scam.




Price: Affiloblueprint membership : $0.00, Affilojetpack – $747,  Affilotools : FREE TRIAL -$1 ( 30 days).

Owners: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Affilorama’s Product Overview


AFFILORAMA REVIEW – DOES AFFILORAMA REALLY WORK .Affilorama is an affiliate marketing community created by Mark Ling to help new,struggling and intermediate affiliate marketers learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to profit from the affiliate marketing industry.

The Good & the Bad

Affilorama has several video lessons that covers the basics of learning affiliate marketing which are listed below.

The Good:

PRO #1: Learning how to select products to promote

PRO #2 : How to build high converting landing pages and websites.

PRO #3: How to drive SEO and PPC campaign traffic to your website.

PRO #4: how to write high converting emails to your subscribers.

The Bad:

CON #1: Too may lessons you can be overwhelmed

CON #2: High upsell price.

Who is Affilorama made For?

Affilorama is created with the new affiliate marketer in mind, who has trouble finding what products to promote, how to build a convering landing page or website to promote his product, How to learn SEO traffic and how to run a successful PPC campaign, How to write emails that converts cold traffic into high buying customers.

Because Affilorama has over 100+ lessons, it has something for everyone. If you’re just beginning in the internet marketing world, you can start with the lessons that teach you the basics of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. You can then work your way up from there.


Affilorama Tools & Training

Affilorama has over 100+ lessons In 3 major training and several tools which we will be discussing below.

  1. AffiloBlueprint : This is the beginners package that has over 100+ video lessons which teaches new beginner that basics of affiliate marketing, How to build landing pages, understandig SEO traffic, the way to use keywords research tool etc.

This is a training package perfect for new affiliates. And intermediate marketers can also learn from top marketers. 100+ lessons that teach users actionable content for a range of subjects (SEO, PPC, site building, email marketing and more)

* A virtual “lesson book” to keep track of the lessons you have covered, keeping you on track.

* Access to Affilorama’s forums, one of the largest affiliate forums on the internet.

* Access to our videos and webinars, where we speak straight to some of the biggest names in IM.

Once you sign-up, you’ll be given access to over 100+ free video lessons. These lessons cover pretty much any topic you can think about and teach you a tonne about how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Topics include:

* How to pick profitable products to promote

* How to build and design websites

* How to get SEO traffic

* How to use PPC traffic effectively

* How to outsource and scale your business.

2. AffiloJetpack :  This is another training package that’s dedicated to how understanding how email marketing works. Each Jetpack is a website kit, with everything you need to make the website and step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

  • You get 100 emails,
  • article research packs,
  • graphics,
  • The custom-made AffiloTheme,
  • A year of hosting for one website, plus three ebooks/reports to use as subscriber bait.

Affilojetpack comes with a website builder that will basically create your website for you! It will set up your domain and hosting, then install WordPress and AffiloTheme for you. it will create a Fluttermail email account and pre-install the 100-email autoresponder with your affiliate links automatically added in for you! At the end, you have a money-magnet website, just like Mark creates.


3. AffiloTools : This is another excellent tool that affilorama has in its rrangenof training . AffiloTools gives users access to a suite of cloud-based SEO, PPC and market research software. It combines data from a range of sources to provide a “bigger picture” website analytics for affiliates and online marketers.

AffiloTools helps raise your search engine rankings: The link research tool lets you find new, powerful links that Google loves. and the backlink analyser lets you spy on your competitors, and snipe their links, the website health checker alerts you to any onsite issues you are having that could be holding your site back.

AffiloTools makes you more productive: most affiliates require multiple tools to monitor their websites, social media acounts and earnings. But affilotools display all of the important information from Google Analytics, ClickBank, Facebook and Twitter in their dashboard so you only have to go to AffiloTools and not 4 different sites.

AffiloTools uncovers hidden market opportunities: Affilotools link finder, keyword and domain research tools let you uncover keywords, links and domains that your competitors have missed.

What Includes:

  • A range of internet marketing tools that pulls data from MOZ, SEM Rush, Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Bing, ClickBank, enom and Namecheap.
  • A backlink checker that uncovers the backlinks from a website
  • A high-PR link finding tool to uncover new linking partners.
  • A website health checker, monitoring on-page SEO errors, page speed, pages indexed and page errors.
  • Keyword research tool to find new PPC keywords previously missed.
  • Domain research tool to find related available domains.
  • A social media tool letting you monitor and update Facebook and Twitter from one place.
  • A search engine ranking monitor for Google and Bing (including regional variations).
  • New, updated training each month that keeps you updated with Mark Ling’s latest tips, tricks and methods.

4. Affilorama Pathway to Passive Resources : This is a training specially for new affiliate who wants to save months learning, how to build Successful, high quality, long lasting affiliate website.

This passive income guide teaches an easy follow system to

  • Build a search engine optimized websites
  • Find profitable affiliate products to sell
  • Generate monetizable content ideas
  • Build a solid funnel that moves people towards a sale
  • Create a website with content that people want to share and many more…

This is perfect for new internet marketers who wants to cut short their learning process to get up and running while earning passive income along the way.

Affilorama Support

Affilorama has a large community of affiliate in their forum, where every affiliate helps each other towards meeting their goals but as for having one on one contact with Mark Ling is something I can’t vouche for


Affilorama Price:

  1. AffiloBlueprint : Free membership – $0.00
  2. AffiloJetpack 2.0 – $747 formerly $997.
  3. Affilotools : FREE TRIAL -$1 ( 30 days).

The affiloblueprint is FREE TO JOIN for anyone who wants to start their journey of living the internet livestlye by learning affiliate marketing.

The pricing for affilojetpack though it’s relatively high but the contents within the products makes it of real value at $747, I would be of the opinion that if you are ready to invest Into your education online them this product is a must in your journey of success in the online world.


My Final Opinion of Affilorama .

If you are a New Marketer reading this review right now and you want my opinion on affilorama I’ll say youstrt with the free training pack ( Affiloblueprint) Get to see what the system has to offer before upgrading to affilojetpack ($747) and as for affilotools, I’ll recommend you take the free trial of $1 to check out the system and See if you’ll like to continue or cancel but I bet You will love to continue because of the valdablilty of the tools invovled.


Affilorama at a Glance…

Name: Affilorama


Owners: Mark Ling.

Price: Affiloblueprint FREE MEMBERSHIP – $0.00, Affilojetpack – #747.00, Affilotools – $1 for 30day free trial

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100


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