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How To Monetize Your Website Content.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS – How To Monetize Your Website Content.

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In promoting affiliate programs, you need to understand the monetization of your website and how to apply that to your affiliate programs For those not quite familiar with what is affiliate marketing, I want you to look at this diagram below

How To Monetize Your Website Content.

Am going to give you a breakdown starting with:

These are people that got to your website through the following means;

* Google search; Someone doing a search for a solution to a problem, or looking for an answer to a question and looking for a recommend product or service etc.

* Social Media: They can also found your website through social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or another social media ads platforms out there.

* Emails: These customers can also be people on your email list that receives regular email broadcast from you.

* Watched Your Videos: They may also be those that watched your video on YouTube about you promo offers and then got to your website.


Now these people have Landed on your website which has the exact relevant content they are looking for. for example;  someone was search or looking for a HP Laptop to buy and he started doing searched, watching youtube video and checking all social media for information regarding HP LAPTOP and looking for the one with the needed requirement he/she wants and them BOOM, they landed on your website with the title: “LATEST HP LAPTOPS THAT IS SELLING ON THE INTERNET NOW”.

Now this visitor to your website reads your contents because its relevant to what he/she is looking for and reads your recommendation of what laptop to get based on their needs and then go ahead and click the link you provided there for them to get the HP LAPTOP – which is your Affiliate Link.

Now based on your recommendation the visitor now goes to HP LAPTOP WEBSITE or to any of the website you recommended that they go to get their desired laptop.

When the visitor purchases the HP LAPTOP using the link i provided him at the bottom of my recommendation he just finished reading about HP LAPTOPS i earn a commission. These commissions can range from 1% to 75% if its a pay per sale offers like physical products from amazon,aliexpress etc or digital products from clickbank, jvzoo, warriorPlus etc.

If its a cost per action commission like the CPA NETWORKS, the commissions can range from $0.50 per lead to $250  per lead or even more depending on what the advertiser`s desire.

Then you just rinse and repeat the whole process, that’s what affiliate program is all about, this keys is just to keep things simple, don’t complicate things for you. Making money with affiliate marketing requires you to join as many affiliate websites you want.


Below are some popular affiliate programs/Networks online you can join:

* Commission Junction(CJ).
* Awin
* LinkASale
* Clickbank
* JVZoo
* WarriorPlus
* Amazon Associates.

Some of these Affiliate Programs are for digital products and while some are for physical products and some there are for both Physical and digital products


Let’s talk about The Affiliate programs that sells physical products, these are the key things about these programs;

* They have Lower commission percentage
* They have shorter cookie duration
* It has more sense of value in my opinion because you can feel it,touch it and handle that product
* There is less thought time buying physical products, once you get a glimpse of what and why you want to have that physical product, you just go ahead and buy it.


The difference about digital products are as follows:

* It has higher commission percentage ( the difference on this with physical product is that there’s several costs associated with the production of physical product and so the margin is very low, but for digital product none of those productions costs and processes involved).
* There is longer cookie duration of 30 days or more than for physical products which can be from 24 to 14 days maximum.
* There is less sense of value for digital products as compared to physical products, because information products does not arrive at my doorstep and I don’t feel it, touch it, etc.
* There is more thought time buying because it’s not something I can hold and play with cos i can only see it.


I want to talk to you about Wealthy Affiliate and the affiliate program platform at wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate is an online affiliate program that is built by an affiliate marketer for affiliate marketers and it has everything you can think of about the affiliate marketing industry and one of the features it has there is an ” Affiliate Program Search Platform”

Read my wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

The affiliate program can be seen in the wealthy affiliate platform as you can see from the image below

How To Monetize Your Website Content.

This is a convenient way to search for the best top selling affiliate programs to promote, this is the perfect way to get an affiliate product to promote, just in case you just starting and don’t know where to look for an affiliate product to promote, starting with the affiliate program link inside wealthy affiliate is the right step for you.

Back in those days when we use to use google or the individual affiliate program networks to look for affiliate programs to promote but right now there is a better way we do the search now and that is using the ” Affiliate Program Search Platform At wealthy Affiliate”.

But with this search column inside wealthy affiliate we can just do the same search and the relevant affiliate networks with the products will come forth with all the details I want ,the payout Etc.  I can now choose the one i want and check the sales page for more details.


I want to ask you a question: ” Why would you add an affiliate link to a page or post if that page or post has no traffic?” Now the reason is to Rank those posts and pages FIRST with google in order to gain their trust then you can now “MONETIZE” those posts, This is important for those with new websites who wants to get google`s trust concerning your website. So why do i have to do that?

When i want to rank for a particular keyword as a new website ,technically what Google seeks to do is rank websites that creates a good user experience for their reader and have them stay at their website for long and once they found your website is within that rule they seem to rank it faster to their first page since what you do is provide value for your readers so they will want you to be on the first page and that way rank you from whatever page you to google first page.

So bottom line is Rank your website first and when you get to the first page of google on whatever your keyword is, then you can now monetize that keyword or post later.



Low ticket and high ticket offers refers to the value of the offer and not the commission you are paid and when we talk about these ticket offers irrespective whether they are digital or physical products it`s the value amount we are looking at.

when we say high ticket mostly we are looking at digital offers like seminars, conferences that their tickets are sold from up to $1,000 to $3,000 per ticket, these kind of programs like the tony Robbins conference are high ticket offers, so when we talk about low ticket offers you are looking at having more frequent sales, the same with high ticket offers that is less sales.

Now this is what I mean, let’s look at this scenario with a low ticket affiliate program:


* I have a website with a daily traffic to my post of                    : 100 visitors
* Then i promote a products on my post that sells for              : $100
* The commission percentage for the product is                        : 25% ( that means i make $25 from every $100 sale)
* If my traffic converts at                                                                      : 1% daily
* That means I make 1 sale per day,which means i earn          : $25
* That averages a monthly earnings of                                            : $750

This is the breakdown on how a low ticket offers works out.


* I have a website with a daily traffic to my post of               : 100 visitors
* Then i promote a products on my post that sells for         : $1000
* The commission percentage for the product is                   : 10% ( that means i make $100 from every $1000 sale)
* If my traffic converts at                                                                : 0.25 daily <====
* That means I make 1 sale per day,which means i earn     : $25
* That averages a monthly earnings of                                       : $750


Now when you look at both scenarios, you will observe that the difference is at the conversion point of daily traffic because the high ticket offer has a lower conversion rate so it affected our affiliate earning because there is a higher thought process of spending that amount on the high ticket program and as such you will find that it takes every 4 days to make a single sale which brings it to making $25 daily.

When you want to choose an affiliate product to promote always bear this in mind that with low ticket offers, your conversion increases which means more affiliate earning and if you decide to promote high ticket offers understand that the conversion will drop and that means less affiliate earning.


In conclusion, you need to understand that affiliate marketing is a good business model for anyone to start irrespective of your knowledge level online, all you need to do is use this metrics above to decide what works best for you and you can use the wealthy affiliate affiliate program search for free to find the best converting offers being promoted by affiliate marketers right now and if you have anything you will love that we discuss, then drop me a comment below and I will get back to you within 24hrs.


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